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Wild Hunt is an upcoming 2020 hunting shooter video game created by Trailblazer101.

The game will be developed by Nostalgic Games and published by Nostalgic Publishing. It will be released for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, BlazeBox, Blaze Oblong, and Windows PC in late 2020.


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Game Features and Mechanics

The player plays as either a trained hunter who is out to hunt various wild genetically modified alien beasts that are destroying their planet (that's the game mode "The Hunt"), or you can play as an assassin who is out to hunt and kill a group of corrupt political scientists that are the cause for the alien beasts' existence on the planet. (in the game mode "Corruption"). The game will offer various characters each with their own fighting styles, techniques, and unique technologically advanced weapons that all have their uses and disadvantages depending on which game mode you play as them in.


  • The game will be available to play on The LMMCU.
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