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Wiki Alliance is a video game by Sky Studios.


LMMCU was, at one point, a humoungos and bustling city within the country of Fandom. ONe fateful day, a group of trolls impersonating the LMMCU Guard, the grandest title of LMMCU's citizens, came to town. With the rest of Fandom turning on LMMCU, it's citizens were forced to evacuate, except for the LMMCU Guard. They were sent to death, where most died in the most painful and excruciating ways. A few handfuls of Guard members manage to escape, though, and were never heard from again. Others are still hiding in LMMCU with police chasing them around every corner. It's up to the final few LMMCU Guard members left to prove their innocence and restore LMMCU, while taking out the remaining trolls left.

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