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WORST. GAME. EVER. Is the sixth episode of Press Start.


The episode starts where the 5th epsiode of Press Start left off, at Sky's house. Miles has brought his Atari with Mario, Galaga, and E.T., but Miles doesn't know how bad the E.T. game is. So Miles forces Sky to go into the game, even though Miles soon regrets it because of how clunky it is and how ugly it looks. They spawn with Reese's Peanut-butter cups, but Dave E. Venderman appears and scatters the Reese's every where. GameTime appears and helps them find the 20 Reese's cups, but before they can find them Miles falls down a hole floats back up, but once again falls. After Miles finally get's out of the hole they get all the peanut-butter cups and now have to defeat evil E.T., but Peace comes out of a portal and disintegrates Evil E.T. Peace, Sky, and Miles get transported back to Sky's house, where Peace puts in Splatoon.

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