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"Good day, FANDOMainians!"
- Violet's catchphrase

Violet Dynamo is a main character of The GameTime Movie.


The GameTime Movie

Violet is the news reporter of FANDOM News 13 who resides in Spotify. When meeting GameTime and his friends, she agrees to help him on his quest to stop a great evil.

Sly Guy NEXT

Violet works at GameTime's company, The Sly Guy, as the writer and artist. She usually helps out the crew's schemes throughout the series.



TV Shows

Video Games


TV Shows


  • Violet is incredibly cheery, optimistic, and outgoing who likes to be around her friends.
  • Violet has an violent and vicious temper that should be noted when enraged, which started when she was young.
  • Violet is a very creative person who can write her own scripts.
  • Violet always support her friends when it comes to them trying to achieving their goals.





Physical Appearance

Violet has two long dark brown pigtails. Violet wears white gloves and a watch on her arm. Her red jacket is long and it's ends are curled up. She also wears a blue FANDOM News 13 T-shirt. She wears a dark grey shirt and grey pants underneath. Her tall boots are hot pink and pointy.


  • Saved Dragonbone from having a horrible reboot. ("FANDOM Con")
  • Made peace with her inner emotions. ("Violet: Queen of Dreams")
  • Directed a successful movie. ("A Sly Guy NEXT Production")



  • The Sly Guy (Artist/Director)
  • FANDOM News 13 (News Reporter)


  • FANDOM Police Department (Police Officer)
  • Community Central (in Fricksy's body, Editing Mentor)
  • Camp Downfall (Camp Counselor)
  • Sly Guy Movie Lot (Director)

Criminal Record (Non-canon)

Despite being one of the cheery and optimistic characters in the series, Violet still has a criminal record.

  • Arson: It is implied that Violet has burned many buildings in "Back in Fricksy Business".
  • Assault: Violet attacked ChibiTime and Crowley in "Violet: Queen of Dreams". It doesn't really count as it isn't a crime. Violet accidentally punched her friend in the face when he snuck up on her in the same episode.
  • Attempted Assault: Violet tried to harm and attack GameTime in "FANDOM Con" and "A Sly Guy NEXT Production".
  • False Imprisonment: ChibiTime and Violet mistakenly imprisoned a citizen for littering as cops in "Cop Academy".
  • Kidnapping: Violet kidnapped The Worker and forced him to help paint the studio with Professor Magnesium in "GameTime's Day Off".
  • Murder: Violet killed a zombie using a bat during the events of “GameTime of the Dead” in “The Miserable Clip Show Episode”.
  • Sedition: Violet joined Princess Bad Piranha Plant’s rebellion against Bowser in “The Piranha Plant Revolution”.




Fricksy Business


Officer Lawson


Professor Magnesium




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