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All merchandise for Venture.

Funko Pop!

Wave 1

  1. Robert Jacob
  2. Robyn Jacob
  3. Tyra Beaulieu
  4. Brendan O’Keeffe
  5. Osseus Shooter
  6. Comedenti

Wave 2

  1. Black and White Mollis
  2. Burning Osseus Shooter

Wave 3

  1. Athansios Mohammed
  2. Boudicca Amari
  3. Terrence Johnson
  4. Scottie Wilson


November 2044 - 2054 Wave

  • The Cavern ($19.99, includes Tyra Beaulieu, Comedenti, and Crawler)
  • The Plantation ($29.99, includes Brendan O’Keeffe, Osseus Shooter, Babirusa, and Ewe)
  • The Hovel ($39.99, includes Nathan Beaulieu, Tyra Beaulieu, and Morpher)
  • TBA ($49.99, includes three characters)
  • Wyvern's Wrath ($69.99, includes Diamond Armor Brendan O’Keeffe, three Wyveslenders, and the Wyvern)
  • The Gold Mine ($109.99, includes Iron Armor Brendan O’Keeffe, Pipipi, Osseus Shooter, Comedenti, and Crawler)

August 2045 - 2055 Wave

  • Chamber of Torment ($19.99, includes Robert Jacob and two Comedentis)
  • Snow Sanctuary ($39.99, includes Brendan O’Keeffe, Snowlem, and Pipipi)
  • Badlands Base ($59.99, includes Iron Armor Robert Jacob, Robyn Jacob, Canid, Osseus Shooter, and Iron Armor Osseus Shooter)
  • Underworld Keep ($79.99, includes Diamond Armor Robert Jacob, Diamond Armor Robyn Jacob, Undead Labman, Extinction, and Espouse)

March 2046 - 2056 Wave

  • Steelem‘s Scuffle ($19.99, includes Tyra Beaulieu, Comedenti, Baby Babirusa, and Steelem)
  • Decayer Duel ($39.99, includes Iron Armor Brendan O’Keeffe, Decayer, and two Decayer Skeletons)
  • The Wyve Portal ($59.99, includes Brendan O’Keeffe, two Wyveslenders, and Grotto Crawler)
  • Rainforest Hideout ($79.99, includes Iron Armor Robert Jacob, Iron Armor Robyn Jacob, Osseus Shooter, Pipipi, Ewe, and California Spangled Cat)

June 2046 - 2056 Wave

  • Dlab Town ($199.99, includes Robert Jacob, Robyn Jacob, Comedenti, Comedenti Dlab, Pipipi, Wyveslender, Babirusa, Baby Babirusa, Steelem, Agriculturist Dlab, and Librarian Dlab)

September 2046 - 2056 Wave

  • The Citadel ($109.99, includes Gold Armor Robert Jacob, Osseus Shooter, two Iron Armor Osseus Shooters, a Ewe, and a Horse)
  • Battle Pack 1 ($14.99, includes Boyce, Tyler, Cyan, and Tyra, as well as weapons, food, and items)
  • Battle Pack 2 ($14.99, includes Athanasios, Teresa, Cybele, and Scottie, as well as weapons, food, and items)

February 2047 - 2057 Wave

  • Abnormal Isle ($19.99, includes Tyra Beaulieu, Pipipi, and Abnormal Entity)
  • Underworld Carts ($29.99, includes Diamond Armored Brendan O’Keeffe, Undead, and Large Molter, Small Molter)
  • Ice Mountains ($39.99, includes Iron Armored Brendan O’Keeffe, Snowlem, Crawler, Bovine Calf)
  • Jungled Temple ($49.99, includes Leather Armored Brendan O’Keeffe, two Osseus Shooters, and a Mollis)
  • Hag Hut ($59.99, includes Iron Armored Tyra Beaulieu, Babirusa, three Goo Men, and a Hag)
  • The Waterfalls ($69.99, includes Gold Armored Tyra Beaulieu, Wyveslender, Black Ewe, Comedenti, and Iron Armored Prisco Sigourrson)



  • "Venture" Logo T-Shirt
  • Pipipi T-Shirt
  • Beasts of Venture T-Shirt
  • Venture Battle T-Shirt
  • Leather Tunic T-Shirt
  • Chain Mail T-Shirt
  • Iron Breastplate T-Shirt
  • Golden Breastplate T-Shirt
  • Diamond Breastplate T-Shirt


  • Scarlet Rock Hoodie
  • Demonic Cultist Hoodie
  • Pipipi Inside Hoodie
  • Leather Tunic Hoodie
  • Diamond Armor Hoodie

Action Figures

Series 1

  • Robert Jacob with Stone Pickax and Coal Ore
  • Comedenti with Stone Sword and Iron Ore
  • Wyveslender with Grass and Morel
  • Pipipi with Acetone Peroxide and Gunpowder
  • Survival Pack with Boyce Jacob, Stone Pickax, Stone Sword, Chest, and Workbench

Series 2

  • Diamond Armored Robert Jacob with Diamond Sword and Diamond Ore
  • Ironmonger Dlab with Anvil
  • Steelem with Steel Block and Poppy
  • Tyler Jacob with Bay Horse, Apple, and Hay Bale
  • Cyan Jacob with Saddled Gray Horse, Apple, and Hay Bale
  • Animal Pack with Hei, California Spangled Cat, Canid, Babirusa, Albino Ewe, and Bovine
  • Scottie Jacob with Saddled Babirusa, Saddled Seal Brown Horse, Two Hay Bales, and Carrot Stick

Series 3

  • Robyn Jacob with Wooden Sword, Bow, and Ooze
  • Hag with Water Bottle and Cauldron
  • Undead Labman with Golden Sword and Hellrack
  • Atomic Pipipi with Pipipi Spawn Egg and Obsidian
  • Athanasios Jacob with Mine Trolley and Scarlet Rock Torch
  • Comedenti Dlab with Decayed Pancreas and Log
  • Animal Pack with Hei, Rabbit, Abyssinian Cat, Blue Ewe, Blue Ewe, Pony, and Bovine)
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