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VR Villainy! is the twenty-sixth episode of Press Start.

The Episode

Sky, Miles, and Pixel can be seen in Miles' room at his small computer

Miles: What games do you want to search for Dave in?

Pixel: Well, what do you have?

Miles: Broforce?

Sky: Maybe next time.

Miles: Dead Space?

Sky: You know how Pixel feels about monsters.

Pixel: Hey!

Miles: Mount Your Friends?

Sky: Pervert.

Miles: Indeed!

Pixel glances to the corner where a VR head set lies

Pixel: Hey, what's that?

Miles: Huh? Oh, that's my VR headset, most of the games are really short, so I wouldn't recommend it.

Pixel is already putting on the VR headset, where job simulator opens up.

Pixel: Woah.

Sky: Lemme try!

Sky yanks the VR headset off of Pixel face, scratching Pixel and breaking the headset

Pixel: Nice work!

Sky: Thanks, compliments feel good now and then!

Pixel: That was sarcasm!

Sky: So was what I said.

Pixel: Oh....

Miles: Great, now we can't play anything VR!

Sky: got these game on Steam, right?

Miles: Right.....

Sky: And we use the computer to go into games most of the time, right.....?

Miles: Right....

Pixel: He's tryna' say that we can still enter the game without the headset.

Miles: Oh yeah....huh....

Instead of making more filler for this episode, Sky drags Pixel and Miles by their ears into Job Simulator

Miles: Okay, guys, pick your jobs!

Pixel: Chef!

Miles: Clerk!

Sky: Office worker- NO WAIT!

Sky, Miles, and Pixel get sent into separate tunnels to their respective jobs

At the office......

Sky: This is super boring....

Sky picks up an important document and sees the shredder

Sky: I wouldn't.....

Sky: Then again.....maybe

Sky: No....YES.....No.....YES. NO. YES. NO. YES! NO! YES!

A robot's head appears over a cubicle wall

Robot Worker: Would you keep it down?

Sky: Sorry....

The robot goes back over to their computer and falls asleep on the keyboard

Sky takes another good lock at the document, and then at the shredder, he puts on a wicked smile

Meanwhile, in the Kitchen.....

Pixel: Alright.....I can do this.

Pixel rest his hands on the grill and lights his shirt on fire

Pixel: AHHHHHHH!!!!!

A mother robot and her son walks up to the counter to order food

Mom-Bot: Hello. My name is Mom-Bot, I would like a BotDouble with Cheese. Son-Bot would like large fries.

Pixel, still on fire, tackles the mother and son, lighting them on fire as well

Mom-Bot: ahhhhhhhh.

Son-Bot: Ow.

Pixel the jumps on the table, lighting the table on fire, but putting himself out

PIxel: Phew, what a relief!

The fire starts to quickly spread up to the ceiling

Pixel: Oh shit....

In the convenience store...

Miles: Time to be the best shopkeep ever- ARE THOSE MALLO CUPS!?

A man robot enters the store

Robot: Hello, may I buy one of your Mallo Cups?

The robot points to the rack of mallo cups on the table Miles was about to steal

MIles: Uh....

Miles shoves all of the Mallo Cups down his pants

Miles: Sorry, we just sold the last of em'!

Robot: But, I saw you...

Miles: Do I detect sass?

Robot:'s just-

Miles: Get the hell out of my store!

Robot: But....

Miles: Now!

The robot slowly creeps out of the store

In the office....again...

Sky is seen shoving everything in sight into the shredder

The robot manager runs over

Manager-Bot: Employee 9237812973912, what are you doing?!

Sky pops his head above his cubicle walls to make sure nobody's watching him, he then shoves Manager-Bot into the Shredder.

In the kitchen....again...

Pixel can be seen standing outside of the restaurant that he was working in, watching it burn down

Pixel: Well....

The cops arrive and damn near hit Pixel

Pixel: Gah!

The cop gets out of his car

Cop-Bot: So, I heard you like to burn down restaurants, eh?

Pixel: It was pretty fun....

Cop-Bot, you'll be going to the Arizona Sunshine prison, my boy!

Pixel: I can't go back to jail!

Pixel tries to run away, but Cop-Bot shoots him with a taser, then, a portal opens up, taking Pixel to Arizona Sunshine Prison

In the store....again!

Miles can be seen lying on the counter, his mouth filled with Mallo Cups, a thief runs in!

Robber-Bot: Put your hands in the air!

Miles: I'm incapable of moving.....

Robber-Bot: Um....get on the ground!

Miles slowly rolls off the table and knocks himself out

Robber-Bot: A-ha!

Robber-Bot puts his ski mask on Miles' head and puts his gun next to his right hand

Robber-Bot: It'll only be a matter of time...

Robber-Bot runs out, while another Cop-Bot walks in

Cop-Bot: Good god! Can't I at least buy something without finding a knocked out thief at this convenience store? Off to Arizona Sunshine Prison ya' go....

Portal opens up, sucking Miles in.

In the office....agai- you get it.

Several cop bots bust down the door to the office

Cop-Bot #1: We are looking for a Mr. Landerlord3!

Sky: That would be me....!

Cop-Bot #2: You are under arrest for bot-a-cide of the 3rd degree!

Sky: Well that's funny because SO LONG SUCKERS!

Sky jumps out of a window

Sky: Any second now a portal is gonna open up and take me home!! Now!!! Now....? AHHHHHHH!

Right before Sky splatters in a bloody pulp, he gets sucked into a portal in the sky.......and right into Arizona Sunshine Prison

Sky: And I'm back home!

Pixel: A prison cell is your home?

Sky: Depends....

Suddenly, a warden walks over, almost stepping into a pothole in the floor of the salmon colored prison floor

Trail: So, you guys are the new prisoners, huh?

Miles: It's all a misunderstanding! You see, I accidentally was ACCUSED of robbing a convenience store I worked at!

Trail: Oh shut up, I was gonna try and get the four of us out of here anyways.

Pixel: You 4 of us? Why can't you just leave?


Miles: He's obviously scared to go out alone.

Trail: Yeah, what the dork with the neon pants that went out of style twenty years ago said.

Miles: Hey!

Pixel: A warden who gets scared if he goes out by himself.....? Sounds legit.

Trail: Great....

Trail slowly enters the rusty key into the keyhole, but quickly turns it, open up the cell with a loud creak

Pixel: I didn't need my hearing anyways!

Trail: Hey, I'm the only one who could save you poor saps from the zombies out there.

Miles: Zombies?

Pixel: That...

Miles: Sounds....

Sky: Awesome!

Pixel: No it doesn't!

Pixel slaps Sky, causing Sky's knife to fly out of his pocket

Sky: Now was that really necessary?

Pixel: Yes, yes it was.

Trail: Now, before we leave, I have to ask you a favor...

Miles: Sorry, I don't feel that way about other guys.

Trail: No, that's no what I......Just keep an eye out for radio stations so we can call in a helicopter...

Sky: Will do.

As they walk into the seemingly endless desert, Miles trips and falls into the sand

Miles: MY EYES!

As he gets back up, he runs around in pain and clotheslines Trail

Trail: Ah! You idiot!

Miles stops running, while Pixel and Sky give Trail dirty looks

Trail: I mean....accidents happen......look for the radio towers!

After some more walking, tripping, and yelling....

Sky: I see something in the distance....

Miles: It looks phallic, it must be a radio station!

Pixel: That's how you know it's a radio station?

Miles: We all have our sleuthing skills, okay?

The four run over to the station, Sky and Trail climb up the stairs while Pixel and Miles keep look-out. Sky and Trail enter

Inside, Sky sits down in a chair near a microphone and radio

Pixel (yelling to Sky): THERE'S A PLANE OVERHEAD!

Sky almost knocks over the radio and mic, but catches it just in time

Sky: H-hello?

???: Static Wh- static is thi- static

Sky: My name is Sky, I'm with fellow survivors Pixel, Miles, and Trail, we are right beneath you within a radio tower!

???: Landing incomi- static

Sky runs out the station, to see Pixel and Miles already climbing into a helicopter

Sky: Wait up!

Sky rushes over and jumps into the helicopter, while Trail just stands and watches them

Miles: Come on, dude!

Trail: No, I think I'm fine, I'll make it out sooner or later...

Sky: You sure?

Trail: Sure am...

Pixel: Have fun getting eaten by zombies!

Trail: And to you too!

Pixel: That makes no sense!

That was the last thing said in that conversation, as the pilot flew into a portal, leaving Trail behind.

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