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There's a new movie coming out next year, based around Vesp's time-travelling adventures.


VesperalLight as Vesp

Ult1m4t3U53r as The Doom-Raider

RealGameTime as GameTime

Marty McCoy as Marty McCoy


There will be 2 LEGO Sets based on the film, and a Dimensions Level Pack.

LEGO Sets:

The Time Elevator:

Includes the Time Elevator and a small vehicle for The Doom-Raider

Minifigures: Vesp (Cowboy Outfit), Bob, GameTime, Marty and The Doom-Raider

The Jolly Roger:

Includes the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship, complete with cannons, action features, and a zipline coming down from the crow's nest.

Minifigures: Vesp (Pirate Outfit), Bob, Pirate Crew Member, Cannonball Operator, Captain Davy Smith)

Dracula's Castle

Includes a model of Dracula's Castle, complete with hidden passages ways, and booby traps.

Minifigures: Vesp (Vampire Hunter Outfit), Bob, Dracula, Marty (Vampire Hunter Outfit), GameTime (Vampire Hunter Outfit), 2 Dracula Minions (Ghosts) and 2 Dracula Minions (Zombies))


LEGO Dimensions: The Adventures of Vesp Level Pack

Includes: Vesp (movie outfit), The Time-Traveling Elevator and The Jolly Roger

Level: The Adventures of Vesp

Adventure World: Vesp's Lab, Ancient Egypt, Transylvania, Port Royal, Medieval England, Futuricity all combined into one world

Funko POP!:

POP! Ride with Pirate Vesp and the Jolly Roger

Vesp Action Pose POP!

Dracula POP!

The Doom-Raider POP!