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aka Willard Carroll "Will" Smith Jr.

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  • I live in Hell
  • I was born on March 20
  • My occupation is to raise the dead
  • I am BATMAN

Hey all, God here. But you can just call me Moon.

Projects I'm working on

Team Echoes


Other LMMCU Projects

Cancelled Projects

Lunar Entertainment

  • Inevitable

Project Gallery

Projects I will (never) work on

  • LEGO Universes Arcade
  • LEGO Universes Definitive Edition
  • LEGO Universes 2
  • LEGO Multiverses
  • sesrevinU LEGO
  • LEGO Universe Reboot
  • EGO Universe
  • LEGO Universes Triple Deluxe
  • LEGO Universes Doubluxe
  • LEGO Universes Triluxe
  • LEGO Universes Quadlux
  • NEGA Universes
  • SEGA Universes
  • New Dungeons & Dragons & Knuckles U at the Olympic Winter Games featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry Series NEW Funky Mode!
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