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Unwanted Tourist is a game that will be made by Shane Imagination and is the first game in their line of products. The game is currently being programmed and is scheduled to be done with production in September of 2019. The game is directed by Unkle Shane and is his first project as a game director.


After a creature crash lands on Earth, it starts causing chaos in the city of Minneapolis. Tucker Mulerson must gang up with his friends and find out what it is, and where it came from, all the while trying to avoid the FBI's investigation on the matter.


In the game, the player will be chased by an alien creature, and the player will have to avoid the creature's wrath by either sneaking by or distracting it. If not, then they will die. The game is intended to be 4 to 5 hours long. This will be a 2D roaming game, in which the player can hide in or behind objects to hide from the creature. The Player's abilities will include using a flashlight, using a phone to take pictures or contact someone, run, crouch, and silence breathing whenever an enemy gets near. The player will be tasked with multiple instances of escaping from the alien creature, in which they will have to dodge it and distract it so they can escape. Each section of the game will have multiple escape routes and will let the player distract the monster in a multitude of ways.


  • Tucker - The main character, a kid who goes to Richmont High School in Minneapolis. He's a smart kind kid, who is always looking to hang out with his friends.
  • Gerald - Tucker's best friend, a real geek who uses the online world constantly. He always enjoys hanging out with his friends and has a secret crush on Tessa.
  • Tessa - Tucker's best friend since Elementary School, she's a hacker who hacks the government for fun. She has a secret group chat with Tucker and Gerald and is always willing to help them out whenever they need.
  • Creature - ...


  • This is Unkle Shane's first project on LMMCU and was announced on the day that he joined.
  • The Shane Imagination Winter 2019 L16 panel is supposed to revolve entirely around Unwanted Tourist, a couple of days before it's official release.
  • The game was originally intended to be released as a real game, although Unkle Shane realized he didn't have the resources or time to make it.
  • A public demo is expected to be released October 13, 2019
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