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Under Arrest is an upcoming 2019 animated science fiction dystopian post-apocalyptic buddy cop TV series created by Trailblazer101.

The series was developed and distributed by Trail Blazer Studios. It will be released on The LMMCU, with the first season scheduled to premiere in November 2019.


Set in a highly advanced dystopian world that is surrounded by five exterior portals and dates far beyond the apocalypse event, an ambitious ex-con turned undercover agent (Matt Damon) joins forces with a secret rebellion agency and its' illiberal leader (Liam Neeson) to take down the world's dictatorship-oriented supercomputer (Fred Tatasciore) to bring forth global perfection, even if it's brought in the wrong vision.

Voice Cast and Characters


Season One

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  • Ep. 02 - To be announced
  • Ep. 03 - To be announced
  • Ep. 04 - To be announced
  • Ep. 05 - To be announced
  • Ep. 06 - To be announced
  • Ep. 07 - To be announced
  • Ep. 08 - To be announced
  • Ep. 09 - To be announced
  • Ep. 10 - To be announced
  • Ep. 11 - To be announced
  • Ep. 12 - To be announced
  • Ep. 13 - To be announced


  • The series is influenced by Rick and Morty, the Men in Black film series, and Bright for its animation style and usage of crude humor, science fiction, and dystopian aspects.
    • The latter two influences both star Will Smith, who voices Augustus Flint in the series and is an analog to his characters from those films.
  • The series is set in two different universes, being "Earth-18589" which is set in the dystopian era, and "Earth-24518" which is set in the pre-dystopian era before The Discoid's interventions in the timeline.
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