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The Ultimate Marvel Cinematic Universe (Ultimate MCU or UMCU) is a collaborative project and shared universe consisting of films and TV series based on various Marvel Comics characters that are adapted in different and unique ways. The project was created in February 2019 by Dimensional Paradox and is currently owned by Trailblazer101 since that April, with other members of the LMMCU Wiki community working on and contributing to its' content. The universe is designated as "Earth-21321" in the Marvel Multiverse system.

The Ultimate MCU groups its films and TV series into "Phases", a concept reused from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first film in the Ultimate MCU is Spider-Man: Defender of New York, directed by Red Shogun, which started Phase 1 of the franchise which concludes with The Ultimates, directed by Unkle Shane. Phase 2 begins with Moon Knight: Vengeance, directed by Trail, and concludes with Ultimates: Division, directed by Unkle Shane and Miles. Phase 3 begins with Spider-Man: The Black Web, directed by Trail, and concludes with Ultimates: Secret Wars - Part II, directed by Unkle Shane and Miles.

Phase 4 is currently being planned and will begin with Young Avengers: The Children's Crusade, directed by Moon, while several other films and TV series are also being planned for the project, and have yet to be assigned to a Phase.



More information on the content is included in its entirety on the Google Document linked below.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

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  • Dimensional Paradox was inspired to make the Ultimate MCU after having an idea to see a new version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe be made with no limitations, different concepts, and new adaptations of the characters and storylines.
    • Dimensional Paradox, the founder and original owner of the Ultimate MCU, left the project in April 2019 as part of his larger departure from the LMMCU Wiki, with Trail taking up the project shortly after.

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