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Trigger is a character in The Amazing Life of Vesp and GameTime.


Trigger is a sensitive and nice person, but gets pissed off (possibly too much) if something sets him off. He enjoys comedy and making jokes, but inside, has lots of ideas for R-rated movies which is parents would get a heart attack if he mentioned.

Personal Life

Trigger is a kid who lives with his poor family in a small house that is always suffering from gas leaks and people stealing his parents' credit card information. Trigger's parents are rather rage-inducing and overprotective, and will turn into a vortex of complaints if he comes up with an idea involving a gun. However, they have seemed to become less protective soon, after buying him a Nerf Vulcan Uzi.


Trigger and Marty become roommates in episode one



Trigger and GameTime are friends.


Trigger and Vesp are friends.


Trigger and Marty are friends.


Skittleflake is Trigger's closest friend and best ally, despite only knowing him through his laptop.


Trigger is a good friend of E.T.

The Cipher King

Trigger does not like Cipher. He thinks his farts smell bad.


Trigger liked Bob during his short lifespan.


Trigger likes Gizmo, but was grossed out from watching his birth.


LEGO Dimensions Quotes

"Sup, I am Trigger." - When first entering the game.

"Here we go! Alright, let's do... whatever poop we are doing!" - When second entering the game

"AGH! I was in the middle of sleeping, and then I get sucked in here!" When third entering the game

"I see none of you deserve my services, so... bye." When first leaving the game

"Welp, gotta go back home and write some TV Tropes!" When second leaving the game

"I am sorry, dudes, I can not give credit, come back when your a little... richer!" When third leaving the game

"Batman! I see everyone here notices you!" Talking to Batman

"Gandalf... the Grey? Shouldn't you be Gandalf the White by now?" Talking to Gandalf

"Vesp! Ready for some time-traveling action!" Talking to Vesp

"GameTime! What do you wanna play, since we are in your favorite game?" Talking to GameTime

"Marty! Kinda confusing that I met two Martys here, huh?" Talking to Marty and Marty Mcfly


  • He is severely Autistic AND THAT IS GOOD.
  • He is obsessed with Mustachio dabbing while "Ra Ra Rasputin" plays in the background.