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Trail Blazer Studios, LLC is a media entertainment development company founded by Trailblazer101 on June 1, 2017, as Imagination Studios, and is his main production company. It mainly centers on the development and distribution of several live-action and animated films and television series which are made from various influences and original ideas, and usually spawn their own franchises.

Trail Blazer Studios also owns Trail Blazer Parks and Resorts, a division centered on attractions such as amusement parks and public resorts, and Nostalgic Games, a subsidiary centered on the development and publishing of video games and consoles. The company also collaborates with several other LMMCU-based companies for some of their products, including Shane Studios, Solar Studios, and Marty McCorps.

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  • Trail Blazer Studios was originally founded as Imagination Studios, but was later renamed on August 23, 2017, to Trail Blazer Studios as Trail felt it fit better.

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