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The Terror Week is a sci-fi horror mystery TV show premiering September 14th.


In San Diego, People go mysteriously missing, Inspector Alex Johnson goes off to find out why they are disappearing. Three friends: Alvin, Jonathan, And Sammy join Alex after their friends: Marty and Alan, go missing. A mysterious boy named Arondo knows about the disappearances, and of course like every story, They will defeat the bad guys and stop "Terror Week" from happening


  • VesperalLight as Alan, One of the two lost boys who gains telekinetic powers in the end of the season
  • RealGameTime as Alvin, A kid who always likes adventures and can sometimes be arrogant
  • The-Cipher-King-2002 as Jonathan, The youngest kid of the club who likes comics
  • MilesRS677 as Sammy, the cheeseburger loving oldest one of the club
  • Trigger Happy the Gremlin as Marty, the second oldest one of the club who doesn't get found until the end of Season 1
  • PixelFox666 as Rex, A used-to-be bully who got knocked unconcious, causing him to become good


  • Chapter 1: Disappearance (Season 1)
  • Chapter 2: Infecting the Future (Season 1)
  • Chapter 3: Rise of The Sidious (Season 1)
  • Chapter 4: The Controlled Beings (Season 1)
  • Chapter 5: Lost (Season 1)
  • Chapter 6: Everybody loves a Friday (Season 1)
  • Chapter 7: The Horrifying Truth (Season 1)

End of Season 1

Season 2

  • Rise of the Spacemen
  • Horroboy's Vengeance
  • The Puppet
  • The Curse from the Narzo
  • RO's Return
  • McRider
  • The Final Trip

End of Season 2

Parents Guide

Sex & Nudity

  • An alien is shown with a bikini (Alex tells the boys to look away)
  • Hillary and Aaron kiss briefly
  • A couple of sex jokes are made

Violence & Gore

  • Alvin kicks Horroboy (Blood is seen on the nose)
  • The Sidious madly makes Officers' arms bleed
  • Horroboy kills people in very painful ways (Snapping necks, Stabbing faces, etc.)
  • Aaron cuts off his own arm to prevent him from turning into a Mallu (Lots of blood is shown, And Aaron's arm regrows)
  • Alan whacks some bullies with his baseball bat(Blood is shown)
  • Arondo losing his robot parts may seem violent
  • Alvin and Ron get in a fist fight


  • Mcf*ckhole was used once, Many uses of sh*t and b*tch is used, Alvin sticks up the finger to Ron, Hells and Damns are used God is used lots of times


  • Teenagers are seen drinking in the hallway (Alan rushes in and stops them)
  • Alex smokes a lot

Frightening/Intense Scenes

  • In the end of the final Season 1 episode, Alan levitates a toilet by accident and his eyes glow a bit red
  • The Sidious and Horroboy may seem frightening
  • RO-CB may have a spooky voice
  • This series can be very scary sometimes

Suggested Ratings:

  • MPAA: PG-13
  • Dutch rating: 9
  • ESRB rating: E10+
  • PEGI rating: 12


  • Rated TV-14 for scary things, mild language, and violence
  • This is the second LMMCU show to be rated TV-14. The first is Metaworld.