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The Shade Movie is a PG-13 2018 action-adventure animated sci-fi/fantasy comedy film made by ShadeTheNarwhal. The tagline of the film is "Time and time again you've seen boring movies. Now for the opposite."


Shade, bored with all of the cookie-cutter "The Blank Movie" and "Blank: The Series" flicks, strikes a deal with a time-travelling demon to bring LMMCU back to its former glory. However, this wish has drastic consequences, as Shade finds the new LMMCU in a neverending warzone. Can Shade save the timeline from this devastating fate? Or rather, is he even willing to?


NOTE: The cast is not finalized. Some actors on this list may change. Also, if your character has been given an actor that you don't think suits the character, note that this film has different versions of the characters and that the actors were chosen for these different versions specifically.

Main Heroes:

Minor Heroes:



  • Xsizter as himself (cameo)
  • Mark Hamil as Jedi


  • This movie is meant to be a deconstruction of the popular trope on LMMCU where somebody inserts a personification of their character into a movie against a villain whose main goal is to conquer LMMCU.
  • All characters will be voiced by professional actors rather than their real-world counterparts. This was added to make everything seem more unique, as opposed to LMMCU movies and shows that use the voices of the real-world counterparts of their characters.
    • That being said, the real Xsizter does make a cameo in the film.
  • This film is is in the Hartverse. This is a way to connect the LMMCU mythos to the Hartverse.
  • The credits theme, as well as the main theme of the movie, is I'm Still Here by John Rzeznik. It has been given the nickname "Shade's Theme" by the fans.
    • Although originally written for the Disney film Treasure Planet, the rights to the song were given to Warner Bros. after a copyright dispute.
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