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"The Internet Is Bigger Than You Think."
- The GameTime Movie’s tagline

The GameTime Movie is an upcoming 3D computer-animated comedy film developed by The Sly Guy. This film was directed, written, and produced, and composed by RealGameTime. The film will be released in 2021. The story focuses on an internet user who goes on an adventure throughout locations based on internet websites.


After struggling with real life, Jared Bateman leaves the real world behind and sets off into the internet to find where he belongs as he chooses the username, GameTime. GameTime decides to join an internet site, FANDOM, but fails to fit in with its other users. GameTime becomes hated by the internet community but after making a deal with a great evil, GameTime is tasked to embark on an epic adventure across the digital world. GameTime teams up with various other users to save FANDOM and the Webiverse while struggling with his real world reputation.







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  • The movie is planned to release sometime during the week of RealGameTime's birthday.
  • This is RealGameTime's first solo film project as director, writer, producer, and composer.
  • The GameTime Movie has one upcoming spin-off movie, Game Masters and one short, Spot's Ruff Day.
  • The GameTime Movie takes place in The Webiverse and is related to Sly Guy NEXT.
  • The movie was nominated for an LMMCU award for Best Film at the 2019 LMMCU Awards, along with other films.
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