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The Epik Journeys of iNinjago and Fun (also known as The Extraordinary Journeys of iNinjago and Fun) is an upcoming TV Show created by iNinjago and Thefunstreamer, and co-produced by Lemon Juice Studios. It takes place after iNinjago: The Movie. The first episode is set to release 2018-2019 and will have 3 seasons.




  • iNinjago as iNinjago
  • Thefunstreamer as Fun
  • Skylanderlord3 as SkylanderLord
  • MilesRS677/MilesRS777 as Miles, Lily, and Archie
  • Trailblazer101 as Trailblazer
  • PeaceableKingdom as Peace
  • Trigger Happy the Gremlin as Trigger
  • PixelFox666 as Pixel
  • RavenaFox/PixelFox666 as Raven
  • RealGameTime as GameTime
  • Kiddiecraft as Kiddiecraft
  • Red Shogun as Red Shogun
  • TrueArenaOneOneOne as AnthonyM
  • ShadeTheNarwhal as Shade
  • Searingjet as Searing
  • Dapigin as Dapigin
  • Skittleflake as Skittleflake and E.L. Wallace
  • VesperalLight as Vesp
  • Endermonkeyx99 as Endermonkey
  • AD744 as AD
  • TrojanFromTheFuture as FutureTrojan
  • DestinyIntwined as Destiny
  • ShadEmmanZ-K9 as Emman Cortez/Galaxy Racer
  • BENNYtheAVENGER as Benny
  • The-Cipher-King-2002 as Cipher
  • Nerd-with-a-Pencil as Nerd with a Pencil
  • MLG Neo-Futurist as Neo
  • LeTesla as LeTesla
  • Green Ninja as Green Ninja
  • Xsizter as Xsizter
  • The MariposaLass'93 as Mari
  • Khairiboss0601 as Khairi
  • Chalk33 as Chalk
  • Invader39 as Invader
  • MockingbirdInc/Mockingbirdpotato as Mockingbird
  • Tarson1122 as Tyson
  • Friend #1 as Spike
  • Friend #2 as Jaren
  • Friend #3 as Cupfan
  • Friend #4 as Rose
  • Friend #5 as Thrashar
  • Friend #6 as TBA
  • iNinjago/RealGameTime as iGameJago


  1. Dimensional Madness (Pilot) - After the events of iNinjago: The Movie, Vesp creates a new time machine causing madness throughout Dimensions.
  2. Adventures in the Hotel - iNinjago and Fun check out the hotel.
  3. The Ten-Inator - Fun creates a new machine, causing chaos.
  4. iNinjago's and Marty's Day Off - Thanks to Fun, Vesp, Nerd, and Neo, iNinjago and Marty spend a day to themselves.
  5. Sinister Stuff in School - Some bad stuff happens.
  6. Random Stuff - Some random stuff happens.
  7. Mocking and Talking - Mock creates some trouble.
  8. A Disastrous Date - A few couples go on a date, which turns into disaster.
  9. Fricking Up! - Some disastrous stuff happens, causing things to get worse.
  10. Crossover with 4Corners - The TEJOIAF and 4Corners universes collide in this crossover.
  11. Through a GamePhantom's Eye - After becoming a phantom, life gets hard for GameTime, so Fun and iNinjago try to turn him back.
  12. Fun Noir - The first episode that's black and white.
  13. Sibling Rivalry - Explore the sibling rivalry between Jaren and Rose.
  14. Original vs. New: Part 1 - iNinjago, Fun, and some others enter a dimension, where they meet some alternate versions of themselves.
  15. Original vs. New: Part 2
  16. Ninja Powers Gone - A mysterious person steals iNinjago's powers, so he has to use his skills to get them back.
  17. Psycho Love - A crazy girl chases Fun around, wanting him to pop the question.
  18. Babysitting Trouble - Fun has to babysit Lily and Archie, Marty's siblings.
  19. Time Saga: Part 1
  20. Time Saga: Part 2
  21. Time Saga: Part 3
  22. Time Saga: Part 4
  23. iGameJago - When a rumor goes around that iNinjago and GameTime are somehow connected, one of Fun's inventions goes wrong.
  24. The Orgin of Fun (Season Finale) - Go deep into Fun's past.

Season 2

  1. Sky Leaves Wikia - SkylanderLord decides to leave Wikia, and heads deeper into the internet.
  2. The Other Weird Episode - Fun’s invention sends a few users into the DC Comics dimension.
  3. The Walking Ten (Halloween Episode) - When one of Fun’s inventions gets infected, a Ten-zombie virus infects most of Wikia.
  4. Resurrection: Part 1 - When a friend of Trail dies, Fun, Vesp, Nerd, and iNinjago try to bring him back.
  5. Resurrection: Part 2 - Trail's friend is resurrected, but something bad happens.
  6. Jago's Edit Spree - iNinjago does rapid edits on LEGO Dimensions Customs, and spends less time on LMMCU.
  7. Welcome to Fandom - More users join LMMCU and LEGO Dimensions Customs, so Fun, Trail, Spike, and Dapigin have to show them around.
  8. The Old LMMCU - iNinjago wants LMMCU to go back to what it was like before he joined.
  9. The Ten-Dimension - iNinjago, Fun, Vesp, and Miles are sent into a dimension, where everyone is ten years old.
  10. At The CBW - Experience what's happened to Chalk and Invader since iNinjago: The Movie.
  11. Alternate Jagos - iNinjago travels out of his dimension, along with every other version of himself from across the Megaverse.
  12. Game Party - iGameJago throws a big party at Jago and Fun’s hotel.


  • Return of the Dopelgangers


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