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The Book of Souls is a 2020 action-adventure historical fantasy film directed by Jon Turteltaub, from a screenplay written by Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer and Richard Shepard. The film is developed by Shatara Studios and Perfect World Pictures, distributed by Universal Pictures and will release on September 18, 2020.

The film establishes a shared universe with The Mummy, with a sequel, Anubis' Awakening, expected to release on October 14, 2022, cumulatively forming a trilogy of works.


Thousands of years ago, King Memtep conspired with Anubis, lord of the dead, to fashion a spear that could reap any man or monster and entrap its soul in an inscribed book. This spear would present the might of its wielder to be able to conquer all, and bring prosperity to the world. But its abstract powers is sought after by the most relentless of mortals, and so it was hidden away from the naked eye, only until the man known as the Scorpion King would come and retrieve it; or else, there will be hell on Earth.


The film's plot mostly follows from its original work until the change in the third act and end-credits scene.

The film revolves around Mathayus being recruited by Princess Tala to aid a group of villagers to escape from captivity in Nubia, while he's secretly been sought for as the legendary Scorpion King, who will retrieve the Fang of Anubis and destroy it, in order to prevent Tala's malicious uncle, King Memtep, from using its connections with the Book of Souls to raise an army of the dead, reanimated as a Terracotta Army.

King Memtep manages to succeed in his initial plans and successfully bonds with Anubis to command the Terracotta Army, sending them out to destroy villages across the continent in order to create a new empire. Mathayus, to prove his worth as the Scorpion King, takes possession of the Fang of Anubis and stabs King Memtep through the chest, sending the spirits of both King Memtep and Anubis to the Book of Souls.

In an mid-credits scene taking place on December 25, 2019, pioneer Nick Morton and Colonel Chris Vail uncovers remnants of the Fang of Anubis while on a mission to expose the Prodigium.


  • Zach McGowan as Mathayus, the Scorpion King; a noble blacksmith who is approached by Princess Tala to retrieve the Fang of Anubis and become the worthy Scorpion King.
  • Pearl Thusi as Princess Tala; daughter of Prince Balthazar, who objects to her uncle King Memtep's goals and seeks out the prophesized Scorpion King.
  • Peter Jessop as King Memtep; a ruthless king over Nubia who conspires with Anubis to raise souls into the Terracotta Army and eventually bonds with Anubis.
  • Mahershala Ali as Anubis; god of the underworld who created the Fang of Anubis and plays both sides with King Memtep and the Scorpion King.
  • Nathan Jones as Enkidu; a stone golem created by King Memtep using a restless spirit from the Book of Souls who acts as Memtep's muscle.
  • Tony Curran as Prince Balthazar (flashbacks only); father of Princess Tala and brother of King Memtep who was executed by Enkidu when he disapproved his brother's turn to darkness.
  • Tom Cruise as Nick Morton (mid-credits scene only); a pioneer set out to expose the monster-hunting organization Prodigium who is also bonded with Set, the god of the dead.
  • Jake Johnson as Chris Vail (mid-credits scene only); a former colonel and close friend to Nick Morton who aids him in exposing the monster-hunting organization Prodigium.


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