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The Adventures of Vesp is a new movie to be released in 2017. It will be produced by Vesperal Studios and directed by VesperalLight.


In his lab, Vesp invented a rough prototype of a time machine and used that to travel to the future. With the materials from the future, he fixed up his time machine and traveled back to the past. Unfortunately, when the time machine landed, it shattered into pieces, sending fragments of it through time.

Vesp found a copy of the time machine that he'd sent through time in the future, in case something like this happened. Vesp's rival, The Doom-Raider, was after the time machine fragments as well. Using a fragment of the time machine, The Doom-Raider used it to travel through time and make allies with various villains across time, and ask them to guard any time machine fragments they came across.

Vesp's mission is now to travel through time, defeat the villains and gain back the time machine fragments. Will he succeed? We shall find out... the future.


  • Vesp
  • GameTime
  • Marty McCoy
  • President Cipher
  • Captain "Trigger Happy" Trigger
  • Officer Pixel
  • Officer Jane
  • The Doom-Raider
  • Sky


Rated PG-13 for Sci-fi action, mild language and rude humour.