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Survival Street is a video game created by RealGameTime. It will release in Fall 2019 on the LMMCU streaming service.


Winona is a sniper for the clan of Survival Street. She's on the run from a clan of apocalyptic bandits who want her as she is one of the few human survivors of the world. Speaking of the apocalypse, it all happened when a nuclear bomb killed a majority of the human race. Winona is one of the few human survivors while everyone else has mutated from the hazardous effects. With another human clan member, Lukas, and the rest of the Survival Street team, she on a quest to find out the truth about the bomb and to build a new tommorrow.


Survival Street is an action-adventure game set in an open world post-apocalyptic environment, focusing on melee/ranged combat and driving. The player can use many different weapons, tools, and vehicles in the game. The player is tasked with a variety of missions and tasks in the game such as collecting materials and resources or invading and destroying enemy territory. The player can unlock new skills, outfits, and other upgrades as progress is made. The player can also customize weapons and vehicles and buy companions by collecting items found throughout the entire map. The player can choose actions and join alliances that change how the story unfolds in the game.


  • TBA


  • The video game was nominated for an LMMCU award for Best Video Game at the 2019 LMMCU Awards, along with other video games.
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