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Super Smash Bros. Rumble is the 6th game in the Super Smash Bros. series, releasing on the Nintendo Switch and DapX on January 31st, 2018.


The game has 115 fighters. This number does not include Echo Alts or multiple characters in one slot, such as Pokemon Trainer. The game will have 4 characters as free DLC, these characters being the 4 ultimate DLC fighters, along with some paid DLC fighters being released sometime after the game.


The current roster of the game, including all DLC so far.

Echo Alts

When selecting a character, a second menu pops up, allowing you to select an echo alt. Echo Alts are basically echo fighters, but they aren't on the regular CSS and characters can have multiple of them.

List of all Fighters

(If an echo alt is in Itallics, that means they have unique attributes.

Character Franchise Echo Alts Specials Final Smash Character Theme
Mario Super Mario Dr. Mario, Rabbid Mario B:Fireball

Side B: Cap Toss

Up B: Super Jump Punch

Down B: Fludd

Rumble: Cap Twirl

Mario Finale Ground Theme - Ground Theme (NEW REMIX)
Luigi Super Mario Mr. L, Dr. Luigi B: Poltergust

Side B: Green Missile

Up B: Super Jump Punch

Down B: Luigi Cyclone

Rumble: Green Fireball

Poltergust 6000 Main Theme - Luigi's Mansion (ULTIMATE REMIX)
Peach Super Mario Pauline B: Heart Bomb

Side B: Peach Bomber

Up B: Parasol

Down B: Vegetable

Rumble: Parry Spin

Emotion Ground Theme - Super Mario Bros. 2 (ULTIMATE REMIX)
Daisy Super Mario Mona B: Superball

Side B: Ice Skates

Up B: Flower Trampoline

Down B: Snifit Turret

Rumble: Plant Growth

Crystal Punch Super Mario Land - Ground Theme (NEW REMIX)
Rosalina Super Mario Lubba B: Luma Shot

Side B: Star Bits

Up B: Launch Star

Down B: Gravitational Pull

Rumble: Power Star

Universe Reset Rosalina in the Observatory/ Luma's Theme


Bowser Super Mario Dry Bowser, Midbus, Wart B: Fire

Side B: Flying Slam

Up B: Whirling Fortress

Down B: Bowser Bomb

Rumble: Tail Spin

Giga Bowser Castle Theme - New Super Mario Bros Wii (NEW REMIX)
Bowser Jr Super Mario Fawful, Nabbit, Larry, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, Roy, Lemmy, Ludwig, Baby Bowser, Boom Boom B: Cannonball

Side B: Clown Kart Dash

Up B: Abandon Ship

Down B: Mechakoopa

Rumble: Paintbrush

Shadow Mario Paint Shadow Mario (NEW REMIX)
Captain Toad Super Mario Captain Toadette B: Pull Switch

Side B: Minecart

Up B: Propeller Mushroom

Down B: Pluck

Rumble: Diamond

Draggadon Plucky Pass Beginnings (NEW REMIX)
Captain Goomba: Goomba Super Mario B: Goomba Stack

Side B: Goomba Shoe

Up B: Paragoomba

Down B: Spiny Hat

Rumble: Minion Wheel

Castle Explosion This Is Minion Turf!
Captain Goomba: Koopa Troopa Super Mario Dry Bones B: Shell Throw

Side B: Shell Surf

Up B: Koopa Cape

Down B: Shell Counter

Rumble: Minion Wheel

Castle Explosion
Captain Goomba: Shy Guy Super Mario B: Boom Guy Cannon

Side B: Javelin

Up B: Propellor Guy

Down B: Pyro Guy Flame

Rumble: Minion Wheel

Castle Explosion
Captain Goomba: Boo Super Mario B: Blow

Side B: Tounge Squeeze

Up B: Balloon Boo

Down B: Invisible Counter

Rumble: Minion Wheel

Castle Explosion
Captain Goomba: Piranha Plant Super Mario B: Ptooie

Side B: Toxic Breath

Up B: Leaf Propellor

Down B: Growth

Rumble: Minion Wheel

Castle Explosion
Geno Mario RPG B: Geno Beam

Side B: Geno Whirl

Up B: Geno Boost

Down B: Geno Blast

Rumble: Stardust

Geno Flash Forest Maze - Mario RPG (NEW REMIX)
Mallow Mario RPG B: Thunderbolt

Side B: Shocker

Up B: Snowy

Down B: HP Rain

Rumble: Stardust

Star Rain
Paper Mario Paper Mario Paper Luigi B: Partner Select

Side B: Partner Move

Up B: Paper Airplane

Down B: Boomer

Rumble: Color Splash

Ruby Star Battle! - Paper Mario: Color Splash
Yoshi Yoshi Birdo, Boshi B: Egg Lay

Side B: Egg Roll

Up B: Egg Toss

Down B: Yoshi Ground Pound

Rumble: Umbrella Yoshi

Yoshi Stampeede Yoshi's Island (BRAWL REMIX)
Poochy Yoshi B: Watermelon

Side B: Poochy Rush

Up B: Poochycopter

Down B: Poochy Pup

Rumble: Snack

Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy Main Theme - Yoshi's Wooly World (4 REMIX)
Wario Warioware B: Chomp

Side B: Bike

Up B: Corkscrew

Down B: Wario Waft

Rumble: Garlic

Wario Man Warioware Gold Medley (NEW REMIX)
Waluigi Mario Tennis Captain Syrup B: Dice Block

Side B: Waluigi Bike

Up B: Whirluigi

Down B: Bobomb

Rumble: Tennis

Ashley Warioware B: Hocus Pocus

Side B: Wand Toss

Up B: Broom

Down B: Wand Counter

Rumble: Red Attack

Dark Form Ashley's Theme (BRAWL REMIX)
Inkling Splatoon Octoling B: Splattershot

Side B: Roller

Up B: Super Jump

Down B: Splat Bomb

Rumble: Seeker

Killer Wail Splattack (NEW REMIX)


The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess Link, Skyward Sword Link, Linkle B: Bow and Arrow

Side B: Boomerang

Up B: Spin Attack

Down B: Remote Bomb

Rumble: Flurry Swipe

Ancient Bow and Arrow Overworld Theme - Legend Of Zelda (MELEE REMIX)
Zelda (BoTW) The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess Zelda, A Link to The Past Zelda, Toon Zelda B: Nayru's Love

Side B: Mipha's Grace

Up B: Farore's Wind

Down B: Urbosa's Fury

Rumble: Daruk's Protection

Light Arrow Zelda's Theme


Shiek (Ultimate) The Legend Of Zelda Impa, Brawl Shiek, Ocarina of Time Shiek B: Needle Storm

Side B: Burst Grenade

Up B: Vanish

Down B: Bouncing Fish

Rumble: Smoke Bomb

Sheikah Dance Sheik's Theme (NEW REMIX)


The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess Ganondorf, Demise, Nabooru, Toon Ganondorf B: Warlock Punch

Side B: Dark Sword

Up B: Dark Dive

Down B: Wizard's Foot

Rumble: Dual Swords

Ganon, the Demon King Death Mountain (ULTIMATE REMIX)
Toon Link The Legend Of Zelda Young Link, Medli B: Hero's Bow

Side B: Boomerang

Up B: Spin Attack

Down B: Bomb

Rumble: Cane of Pacci

Triforce Slash Main Theme - Wind Waker (NEW REMIX)
Tetra The Legend Of Zelda B: Grappling Hook

Side B: Bomb Roll

Up B: Wind Sail

Down B: Canon

Rumble:Skull Hammer

Pirate Brigade Tetra's Theme - Phantom Hourglass
Skull Kid The Legend Of Zelda B: Dark Energy Ball

Side B: Laser Eyes

Up B: Mask Throw

Down B: Skull Spin

Rumble: Deku Curse

The Moon Termina Field - Majora's Mask (BRAWL REMIX)
Tingle The Legend Of Zelda B: Rupee Throw

Side B: Cloud Ride

Up B: Balloon Flight

Down B: Rolling Bomb

Rumble: Confetti Burst

Tingle Dance Tingle Theme - Four Swords (NEW REMIX)
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Country Chunky Kong B: Giant Punch

Side B: Headbutt

Up B: Spinning Kong

Down B: Hand Slap

Rumble: Barrel Toss

Jungle Rush Jungle Level Jazz Style - DKC (4 REMIX)
Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Country Donkey Kong Jr. B: Peanut Popgun

Side B: Monkey Flip

Up B: Rocketbarrel Boost

Down B: Banana Peel

Rumble: Tail Spin

Hyper Rocketbarrel Map Page / Bonus Level - DKC (Ultimate Remix)
Dixie Kong Donkey Kong Country Tiny Kong B: Gumball Gun

Side B: Barrel Blast

Up B: Ponytail Spin

Down B: Guitar Toon

Rumble: Orange Grenade

Gyrocopter Barrage Harvest Hazards (NEW REMIX)
King K. Rool Donkey Kong Country B: Blunderbuss

Side B: Crownerang

Up B: Propeller Pack

Down B: Gut Counter

Rumble: Punch Flurry

Blast-O-Matic Gangplank Galleon (ULTIMATE REMIX)
Funky Kong Donkey Kong Country Lanky Kong B: Headbut

Side B: Infinite Roll

Up B: Hover Surf

Down B: Ground Punch

Rumble: Surfboard Spin

Bike Tricks Funky's Fugue (NEW REMIX)
Fox Star Fox Peppy B: Blaster

Side B: Fox Illusion

Up B: Fire Fox

Down B: Reflect

Rumble: Fox Bomb

Team Star Fox
Falco Star Fox Slippy B: Blaster

Side B: Falco Phantasm

Up B: Fire Bird

Down B: Reflector

Rumble: Feather Spin

Team Star Fox
Wolf Star Fox B: Blaster

Side B: Wolf Flash

Up B: Fire Wolf

Down B: Reflector

Rumble: Wolf Claws

Team Star Wolf
Krystal Star Fox B: Fireball Shot

Side B: Ice Spray

Up B: Rocket Staff

Down B: Power Quake

Rumble: Mini Grenade

Krazoa Krystal
Pikachu Pokemon Pichu, Raichu, Mimkyu B: Thunder Jolt

Side B: Skull Bash

Up B: Quick Attack

Down B: Thunder

Rumble: Thunder Wave

Volt Tackle
Jigglypuff Pokemon Igglybuff

B: Rollout

Side B: Pound

Up B: Sing

Down B: Defense Curl

Rumble: Rest

Puff Up
Mewtwo Pokemon Gardevoir B: Shadow Ball

Side B: Confusion

Up B: Teleport

Down B: Disable

Rumble: Barrier

Pokemon Trainer: Squirtle Pokemon Wartortle B: Water Gun

Side B: Withdraw

Up B: Waterfall

Down B: Bubble

Rumble: Tail Whip

Triple Finish
Pokemon Trainer: Ivysaur Pokemon Bulbasaur, Venusaur

B: Bullet Seed

Side B: Razor Leaf

Up B: Vine Whip

Down B: Poison Powder

Rumble: Leech Seed

Triple Finish
Pokemon Trainer: Charizard Pokemon B: Flamethrower

Side B: Flare Blitz

Up B: Fly

Down B: Fire Counter

Rumble: Dragon Rage

Triple Finish
Lucario Pokemon Riolu, Zoroark, Zeraora B: Aura Sphere

Side B: Force Palm

Up B: Extreme Speed

Down B: Double Speed

Rumble: Quick Guard

Aura Storm
Greninja Pokemon Frogadier, Blaziken B:Water Shuriken

Side B:Shadow Sneak

Side B: Hydro Pump

Down B: Substitute Rumble: Water Pulse

Secret Ninja Attack
Incineroar Pokemon B: Darkest Lariat

Side B: Alolan Whip

Up B: Cross Chop

Down B: Revenge

Rumble: Scratch

Max Malicious Moonsault
Meltan Pokemon B: Flash Canon

Side B: Headbutt

Up B: Shock Hop

Down B: Acid Armor

Rumble: Harden + Melmetal

(As Meltan's rumble meter increases, more Meltans will follow him, making his attacks stronger. When his rumble meter is full, he can turn into Melmetal after doing a rumble attack.)

Tail Whip
Melmetal (Meltan) Pokemon B: Hyper Beam

Side B: Double Iron Bash

Up B: Metal Hop

Down B: Meltan Devolve

Rumble: Thunder Punch

Tail Whip
Kirby Kirby Gooey B: Inhale

Side B: Hammer Flip

Up B: Final Cutter

Down B: Stone

Rumble: Spark

King Dedede Kirby Shadow Dedede B: Big Inhale

Side B: Gordo Throw

Up B: Super Dedede Jump

Down B: Jet Hammer

Rumble: Hammer Twirl

Masked Dedede
Meta Knight Kirby Dark Meta Knight, Galacta Knight, Morpho Knight B: Mach Tornado

Side B: Drill Rush

Up B: Shuttle Loop

Down B: Galactic Counter

Rumble: Piercing Slash

Darkness Illusion
Bandana Dee Kirby B: Canon Hat

Side B: Spear Toss

Up B: Spearcopter

Down B: Parasol Twirl

Rumble: Prism Shield

Megaton Punch!
Magolor Kirby Taranza, Susie B: Magolor Surge

Side B: Lor Starcutter

Up B: Drum Dash

Down B: Gem Apple Bombs

Rumble: Ultra Sword

Dark Matter Kirby Marx B: Dark Energy

Side B: Dark Eye Dash

Up B: Wings

Down B: Zero Wound

Rumble: Crystal Spin

Zero Two
Samus Metroid Dark Samus B: Charge Shot

Side B: Missile

Up B: Screw Attack

Down B: Morph Ball

Rumble: Power Bomb

Zero Lazer
Morph Ball (Samus) Metroid B: Power Ball

Side B: Spider Ball

Up B: Spring Ball

Down B: Deactivate Morph Ball

Rumble: Power Bomb

Zero Lazer
Zero Suit Samus Metroid B: Paralyzer

Side B: Plasma Whip

Up B: Boost Kick

Down B: Flip Jump

Rumble: Zero Blast

Zero Lazer
Ridley Metroid B: Plasma Blast

Side B: Space Pirate Rush

Up B: Wing Blitz

Down B: Skewer

Rumble: Dragon Grind

Plasma Scream
Marth Fire Emblem Lucina B: Shield Breaker

Side B: Dancing Blade

Up B: Dolphin Slash

Down B: Counter

Rumble: Sword Strike

Critical Hit
Roy Fire Emblem Chrom B: Flare Blade

Side B: Double-Edge Dance

Up B: Blazer

Down B: Counter

Rumble: Burning Slash

Critical Hit
Ike Fire Emblem Black Knight B: Eruption

Side B: Quick Draw

Up B: Aether

Down B: Counter

Rumble: Small Aether

Great Aether
Robin Fire Emblem Celica B: Thunder

Side B: Arcfire

Up B: Elwind

Down B: Nosferatu

Rumble: Excalibur

Pair Up
Corrin Fire Emblem B: Dragon Fang Shot

Side B: Dragon Lunge

Up B: Dragon Ascent

Down B: Counter Surge

Rumble: Thrust

Torrential Roar
Hector Fire Emblem B: Hand Axe

Side B: Brave Axe

Up B: Leaping Strike

Down B: Great Shield

Rumble: Shocking Blow

Dunban's Wrath
Villager Animal Crossing Tom Nook B: Pocket

Side B: Lloid Rocket

Up B: Balloon Trip

Down B: Timber

Rumble: Fossil Toss

Dream Home
Isabelle Animal Crosing K.K. Slider, Digby B: Pocket

Side B: Fishing Rod

Up B: Balloon Trip

Down B: Lloid Trap

Rumble: Megaphone

Dream Town Hall
Captain Falcon F-Zero Blood Falcon B: Falcon Punch

Side B: Blue Falcon

Up B: Falcon Dive

Down B: Falcon Kick

Rumble: Raptor Charge

Big Blue Race
Black Shadow F-Zero B: Bull Charge

Side B: Black Bull

Up B: Rising Shadow

Down B: Black Stun

Rumble: Stomp

Pyromania Apocalypse
Ice Climbers Ice Climber B: Ice Shot

Side B: Squall Hammer

Up B: Condor

Down B: Blizzard

Rumble: Topi Toss

Mr. Game & Watch Game & Watch B: Chef

Side B: Judge

Up B: Fire

Down B: Oil Panic

Rumble: Egg

R.O.B. R.O.B. B: Robo Beam

Side B: Arm Roptor

Up B: Robo Burner

Down B: Gyro

Rumble: Stack Up

Ancient Minister Bomb
Duck Hunt Duck Hunt B: Trick Shot

Side B: Clay Shooting

Up B: Duck Jump

Down B: Wild Gunman

Rumble: Tail Chase

NES Zapper Posse
Diskun Diskun B: Gameplay

Side B: Loading

Down B: Disk Flip Counter

Up B: Eject

Rumble: Famicom Disk

Famicom Special
Chibi-Robo Chibi-Robo Drake Redcrest, Chibi-Tot B: Chibi-Blaster

Side B: Toothbrush

Up B: ChibiCopter

Down B: Plug In

Rumble: Squirter

Isaac Golden Sun B: Chill

Side B: Flint

Up B: Gust

Down B: Forge

Rumble: Quake

Pit Kid Icarus Dark Pit B: Palutena Bow

Side B: Upperdash Arm

Up B: Power of Flight

Down B: Guardian Orbitars

Rumble: Angel Ring

Lightning Chariot
Palutena Kid Icarus Medusa B: Autoreticle

Side B: Explosive Flame

Up B: Warp

Down B: Barrier

Rumble: Light Ring

Black Hole Laser
Viridi Kid Icarus B: Cragalanche Crush

Side B: Phosphora Flash

Up B: Parashooter

Down B: Lunar Sanctity

Rumble: Grass Ball

Reset Bomb
Little Mac Punch Out Glass Joe, Doc Louis B: Straight Lunge

Side B: Jolt Haymaker

Up B: Rising Uppercut

Down B: Slip Counter

Rumble: Star Punch

Giga Mac
Olimar Pikmin Louie B: Pluck

Side B: Throw

Up B: Winged Pikmin

Down B: Pikmin Order

Rumble: Bulborb

End Of Day
Alph Pikmin Brittany, Charlie B: Explosive Pluck

Side B: Pikmin Throw

Up B: Swooping Snitchbug

Down B: Order Tackle

Rumble: Rock Pikmin

End Of Day
Shulk Xenoblade B: Monado Arts

Side B: Back Slash

Up B: Air Slash

Down B: Vision

Rumble: Monado Cyclone

Chain Attack
Rex and Pyra Xenoblade Adam and Mythra B: Sword Bash

Side B: Prominence Revolt

Up B: Blazing End

Down B: Flame Nova

Rumble: Double Spinning Edge

Burning Sword
Elma Xenoblade B: Violent Streak

Side B: Sliding Stinger

Up B: Shadowstrike

Down B: Blood Sacrifice/Active Overdrive

Rumble: Gun Swing

Ness Mother Ninten B: PK Flash

Side B: PK Fire

Up B: PK Thunder

Down B: PSI Magnet

Rumble: PK Rockin'

PK Starstorm
Lucas Mother Masked Man B: PK Freeze

Side B: PK Fire

Up B: PK Thunder

Down B: PK Counter

Rumble: PK Love

PK Starstorm
Kumatora Mother B: Hypnosis

Side B: Brainshock

Up B: PK Thunder

Down B: Defense Down

Rumble: PK Fire Blast

PK Ground
Wii Fit Trainer Wii Fit B: Sun Salutation

Side B: Header

Up B: Super Hoop

Down B: Deep Breathing

Rumble: Half-Moon

Wii Fit
Monita Nintendo Land Dark Monita B: Shuriken

Side B: Attraction Train

Up B: Balloon Trip

Down B: Toy Yoshi

Rumble: Flashlight

Nintendo Land Tower
Chorus Kids Rhythm Heaven B: Hole In One

Side B: Karate Joe

Up B: Night Walk

Down B: Fireworks

Rumble: Ringside

Glee Club
Labo Man Nintendo Labo

B: Toy-Con Fishing Rod

Side B: Toy-Con Vehicle 

Up B: Toy-Con Plane

Down B: Toy-Con Piano

Rumble: Toy-Con House

Toy Con Robot
Spring Man ARMS Ribbon Girl, Helix, Twintelle, Master Mummy, Min Min, 

B: Ice-Dragon Arm

Side B: Tri-Bolt

Up B: Thunderbird ARM

Down B:Spring Charge

Rumble: RamRam

Starfy The Legendary Starfy Starly B: Star Spin

Side B: Moe Dash

Up B: Ultra Star Spin

Down B: Shooting Star

Rumble: Roo-star

Moon Drop
Qbby BoxBoy Qucy, Qddy B: Box Creation

Side B: Remote Box

Up B: BoxRocket

Down B: BomBox

Rumble: Gravitational Pull

Big Box
Nintendog Nintendogs B: Present

Side B: Frisbee

Up B: Hurdle

Down B: Dig

Rumble: Roll Over

Play Time
Sonic Sonic The Hedgehog Shadow, Silver, Knuckles, Metal Sonic, Amy B: Homing Attack

Side B: Spin Dash

Up B: Spring Jump

Down B: Foot Crush

Rumble: Spin Rocket

Super Sonic
Tails Sonic The Hedgehog Blaze B: Energy Ball Blaster

Side B: Magic Hook

Up B: Rapid Tails Attack

Down B: Pick Up

Rumble: Tails Spin Dash

Cyclone Mech
Snake Metal Gear Solid Big Boss, Raiden B: Hand Grenade

Side B: Remote Missile

Up B: Cypher

Down B: C4

Rumble: Claymore

Covering Fire
Mega Man Mega Man Proto Man, Bass, X, Roll B: Metal Blade

Side B: Crash Bomber

Up B: Rush Coil

Down B: Leaf Sheild

Rumble: Water Wave

Mega Legends
Pac-Man Pac-Man Ms. Pac-Man, Baby-Pac B: Bonus Fruit

Side B: Power Pellet

Up B: Pac-Jump

Down B: Fire Hydrant

Rumble: Metal Pac Shockwave

Ryu Street Fighter Ken, Akuma B: Hadoken

Side B: Tatsumaki Senpukyaku

Up B: Shoryuken

Down B: Focus Attack

Rumble: Denjin Hadoken

Shin Shoryuken/ Shinku Hadoken
Cloud Final Fantasy 7 Zack B: Blade Beam

Side B: Cross Slash

Up B: Climhazzard

Down B: Limit Chage/ Finishing Touch

Rumble: Meteorain

Bayonetta Bayonetta Jeanne B: Bullet Climax

Side B: Heel Slide/ After Burner Kick

Up B: Witch Twist

Down B: Witch Time

Rumble: Dark Panther

Infernal Climax
Simon Belmont Castlevania Richter B: Axe

Side B: Cross

Up B: Uppercut

Down B: Holy Water

Rumble: Whip Snap

Grand Cross
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney B: Objection!

Side B: Take That!

Up B: Rise from The Ashes

Down B: Psyche-Locks

Rumble: Cross Examine

Turnabout Trial
Bomberman Bomberman Black Bomber, Pink Bomber, Blue Bomber,

Red Bomber, Yellow Bomber, Aqua Bomber, Green Bomber

B: Bomb Toss

Side B: Roller Skate Spike Bomb

Up B: Louie Hop

Down B: Remote Bomb

Rumble: Lightning Bomb

Black Hole
Rayman Rayman Globox B: Wind Up Punch

Side B: Lockjaw

Up B: Helicopter

Down B: Plum

Rumble: Vortex

Hi-Ho Moskito
Banjo & Kazooie Banjo Kazooie Yooka Laylee B: Egg Shoot

Side B: Beak Bomb

Up B: Shock Jump Pad

Down B: Talon Trot

Rumble: Breegull Bash

Master Chief Halo B: Spartan Rifle

Side B: Dual Plasma Rifles

Up B: Gravity Lift

Down B: Deployable Cover

Rumble: Sword Lunge

Spartan Laser
Chell Portal B: Portal Gun

Side B: Cube Toss

Up B: Excursion Funnel

Down B: Turret

Rumble: Emancipation Grill

Joker Persona 5 (I'll add his moveset when he gets added to smash so it's accurate)
Monokuma Danganronpa B: Bazooka

Side B: Monokuma Crawl

Up B: Jetpack Destroy

Down B: Self Destruct

Rumble:Thunder Strike

Shovel Knight Shovel Knight Black Knight, Shield Knight, King Knight, Specter Knight, Plague Knight B: Chaos Sphere

Side B: Dust Knuckles

Up B: Propeller Dagger

Down B: War Horn Counter

Rumble: Dig

Troupple King
Shantae Shantae B: Storm Puff

Side B: Spitfire

Up B: Twirl

Down B: Dance

Rumble: Pike Ball

Genie's Trap
Frisk Undertale Chara, Kris B: Yellow Soul

Side B: Joy Soul

Up B: Jetpack

Down B: Green Soul

Rumble: Spare

Steve Minecraft Alex, Jesse B: Bow and Arrow

Side B: Pig and Saddle

Up B: Slime Block + Elytra

Down B: Build

Rumble: Splash Potion

Wonder Red Wonderful 101 B: Wonder Punch

Side B: Unite Spring

Up B: Unite Rocket

Down B: Unite Guts

Rumble: Unite Bomb

Platinum Robo
Crash Crash Bandicoot B: Wumba Bazooka

Side B: Death Tornado

Up B: Jetpack

Down B: Super Charged Body Slam

Rumble: Nitro Crate

Mii Brawler Mii Customizable Customizable
Mii Swordfighter Mii Customizable Customizable
Mii Gunner Mii Customizable Customizable

DLC Fighters

Character Franchise Echo Alts Specials Final Smash
Ultimate DLC Fighter

#2 (Free Update)

Ultimate DLC Fighter

#3 (Free Update)

Ultimate DLC Fighter

#4 (Free Update)

Ultimate DLC Fighter

#5 (Free Update)

Spyro Spyro B: Element Choose

Side B: Charge

Up B: Fly

Down B: Horndive

Rumble: Element Bomb

Golden Orb
Professor Layton Professor


B: Accusation

Side B: Slot Machine Gun

Up B: Bone Glider

Down B: Animal Release

Rumble: Azran Pillars

Puzzle Solve
Sans Undertale B: Blue Attack

Side B: Trombone

Up B: Hot Dog Stack

Down B: Gaster Blaster

Rumble: Whopee Cushion

Flowey Undertale B: Venus Flytrap

Side B: Flamethrower

Up B: Vine Latch

Down B: Dentata

Rumble: Friendliness Pellets

Hopes and


Primid Smash Bros. Wireframe


Polygon Fighter

B: Primid Scope

Side B: Boomerang

Up B: Shaydas Spin

Down B: Fire Breath

Rumble: Metal Primid

Shadow Swarm
Sylux Metroid B: Shock Coil

Side B:  The Imperialist

Up B: Launch

Down B: Lock Jaw + Trip Wire

Rumble: Shock Down

Delano 7
Arle Puyo Puyo B: Arle Shield + Ice Storm

Side B: Fireball

Up B:Heaven's Ray

Down B: Diachute

Rumble: Puyos

Hollow Knight Hollow


B: Soul Spell

Side B: Crystal Heart

Up B: Monarch Wings

Down B: Focus

Rumble: Cyclone Slash

Void Heart

Scrapped and Unused Fighters

A list of all of the characters that were considered for the game but weren't included in the game.

Base Game

  • Hades (Kid Icarus, replaced by Viridi)
  • Sylux (Metroid, later made into a DLC character)
  • Mallo (Pushmo)
  • Master Hand (Smash Bros, replaced by Primid)
  • Galeem (Smash Bros, replaced by Primid)
  • Excitebiker (Exctiebike, replaced by Diskun) 
  • Marx (Kirby, replaced by Magolor and made into an echo alt of Dark Matter)
  • Adeline (Kirby, replaced by Magolor)
  • Ghirahim (Zelda, replaced by Tetra)
  • Toon Zelda (Zelda, considered as a transformation of Tetra but she was turned into an echo alt of Zelda instead)
  • Doom Guy (Doom, replaced by Master Chief)
  • Ray Mk III (Custom Robo)
  • Isaac (Binding Of Isaac)
  • Decidueye (Pokemon)
  • Mythra (Xenoblade, considered as part of Rex + Pyra but she was turned into an echo alt of them instead)
  • Porky (Mother, replaced by Kumatora)
  • Masked Man (Mother, turned into an echo alt instead)
  • Edelgard (Fire Emblem, replaced by Hector)
  • 3 Houses Protagonist (Fire Emblem, replaced with Hector)

DLC Pack 1

  • Dr. Eggman (Sonic)
  • Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Slime (Dragon Quest)
  • Tibby (Rythym Heaven)
  • Cuphead (Cuphead)
  • Dillon (Dillon's Rolling Western)
  • Jibanyan (Yokai-Watch)
  • Midna (Zelda)

New Features

Rumble Attacks

Rumble attacks are attacks that can be used at any time, however, their strength varies based on the rumble meter.




Fight with any rules in a stock, time, or coin battle. (Regular, 8-Player, or Special)

Adventure Mode: The Nightmare Universe

A story mode where you play as different characters exploring the worlds of all the different franchises.

City Trial

Very similar to the City Trial mode from Kirby Air Ride. Choose a character and explore a 3D city based on Nintendo franchises for a certain amount of time. In this city, you can find upgrades for your characters, items, more characters, more stocks, and many other things. After this time ends, you are put into a huge fight using everything in the city.

Battle Royale

The stage select screen is your map, so all stages are interconnected. Leaving one stage moves you to the stage next to it. You and 99 other players will choose a place to start, and fight across the map until there is only one person left.

Classic Mode

The same as the classic mode in Smash Bros. Ultimate. Every character will have a unique boss made just for them.

Classic Mode E.X.

This mode is unlocked by beating Adventure Mode. A harder version of Classic Mode, with harder new fights, some platforming sections, and all the final bosses from the previous Smash Bros. games returning. Everyone has the same path, unlike regular Classic Mode, where characters have unique paths.

All Star Mode

The same a the All Star mode in Smash Bros. for Wii U, however, you will fight characters in order on the Character Select Screen this time


Online is split into two modes, casual and competitive. Both modes let you choose to do a 1v1, Free for All, or 2v2. You are able to play online with 2 people on one console against people on other consoles, as well. In both Casual and Competitive, to choose stages, each player votes which stage they want to play on, and the game randomly chooses between each vote for which stage you are doing. In Casual, you can vote for any stage, while in Competitive, you can only choose competitively viable stages. There are also Friendly Lobbies, where you can make a room to just play with friends, and Online Tournaments, where you make a tournament with anybody online. Battle Royale can be played online, and most modes that can be played in local co-op (such as Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, and All Star Mode) can be played on online co-op.

Boss Rush

Play against all the bosses in the game in order. This mode can be played alone, with 3 other people working with you, locally or online, or it can be played with one other player controlling the boss.

Trophy Tussle

This game's version of Spirit Battles, but you fight them on top of a giant version of the trophy you are fighting.


There are 190 stages, counting Battlefield, Big Battlefield, and Final Destination. Each stages has a final destination, battlefield, hazardless, and big form, making there 950 stages counting all the different forms. (Itallics means it is a DLC stage)

List of Stages

  • Battlefield
  • Big Battlefield
  • Final Destination


  • Acorn Plains (Wii U)
  • Mario Galaxy (Wii U)
  • Princess Peach's Castle (Melee)
  • Luigi's Mansion (Brawl)
  • World 1-1 (Brawl)
  • 3D Land (3DS)
  • Bowser World
  • Whomp’s Fortress
  • New Donk City Hall (Ultimate)
  • Mushroom Kingdom X (Melee)
  • Subcon (Melee)
  • Peach's Castle (64)
  • Mushroom Kingdom (64)
  • Rainbow Cruise (Melee)
  • Delfino Plaza (Brawl)
  • Super Mario Maker (Wii U)
  • Golden Plains (3DS)
  • Mushroom Mesa
  • Mario Party

Dr. Mario

  • Dr. Mario

Mario RPG

  • Paper Mario (3DS)
  • Forest Maze
  • Castle Bleck
  • Stardust Fields

Mario Kart

  • Figure-8 Circuit (Brawl)
  • Mario Circuit (Wii U)
  • Rainbow Road (3DS)
  • Waluigi Pinball


  • Yoshi's Story (Melee)
  • Super Happy Tree (64)
  • Yoshi's Island (Brawl)
  • Yoshi's Island (Melee)
  • Wooly World (Wii U)
  • Crafted World


  • WarioWare Inc. (Brawl)
  • Gamer (Wii U)
  • Diamond City Stadium
  • Emerald Caves


  • Kongo Falls (Melee)
  • Jungle Japes (Melee)
  • Kongo Jungle (64)
  • Jungle Hijinx (Wii U)
  • Rumble Falls (Brawl)
  • Tropical Freeze
  • Bramble Blast


  • Great Plateau Tower (Ultimate)
  • Temple (Melee)
  • Bridge of Eldin (Brawl)
  • Skyloft (Wii U)
  • Spirit Train (3DS)
  • Great Bay (Melee)
  • Hyrule Castle (64)
  • Gerudo Valley (3DS)
  • Pirate Ship (Brawl)
  • Lorule
  • Death Mountain
  • Earth Temple


  • Frigate Orpheon (Brawl)
  • Brinstar (Melee)
  • Norfair (Brawl)
  • Brinstar Depths (Melee)
  • Planet Zebes (64)
  • Pyrosphere (Wii U)
  • Tourain
  • Norion Reactor


  • Dream Land (64)
  • Green Greens (Melee)
  • The Great Cave Offensive (Wii U)
  • Halberd (Brawl)
  • Fountain of Dreams (Melee)
  • Jambastion
  • Lor Starcutter
  • Ripple Star

Star Fox

  • Lylat Cruise (Brawl)
  • Corneria (Melee)
  • Venom (Melee)
  • Sector Z (64)
  • Orbital Gate Assault (Wii U)


  • Pokemon Stadium 2 (Brawl)
  • Prism Tower (3DS)
  • Spear Pillar (Brawl)
  • Unova Pokemon League (3DS)
  • Kalos Pokemon League (Wii U)
  • Saffron City (64)
  • Pokemon Stadium (Melee)
  • Pokefloats (Melee)
  • Pokemon Hills
  • Aether Paradise


  • Fourside (Melee)
  • Magicant (3DS)
  • Onett (Melee)
  • New Pork City (Brawl)
  • Sunflower Fields


  • Big Blue (Melee)
  • Mute City X (Melee)
  • Port Town Aero Drive (Brawl)
  • Mute City SNES (3DS)
  • Casino Palace

Ice Climber

  • Summit (Brawl)
  • Icicle Mountain (Melee)

Fire Emblem

  • Castle Siege (Brawl)
  • Coliseum (Wii U)
  • Arena Ferox (3DS)
  • Dragon’s Gate
  • Kingdom of Akaneia
  • Grima

Game and Watch

  • Flat Zone X (Wii U)

Kid Icarus

  • Skyworld (Brawl)
  • Palutena's Temple (Wii U)
  • Reset Bomb Forest (3DS)
  • Ice Tribe Village


  • Garden of Hope (Wii U)
  • Distant Planet (Brawl)

Animal Crossing

  • Tortimer Island (3DS)
  • Town and City (Wii U)
  • Smashville (Brawl)
  • Main Street

Punch Out

  • Boxing Ring (Wii U)


  • Gaur Plain (Wii U)
  • Argentum
  • Neo Los Angeles


  • Moray Towers (Ultimate)
  • Deepsea Metro


  • Wii Fit Studio (Wii U)
  • Find Mii (3DS)
  • Wii Menu
  • Miitopia
  • Tomodachi Life (3DS)
  • Pilotwings (Wii U)
  • Miiverse (Wii U)
  • Nintendo Land

Golden Sun

  • Venus Lighthouse


  • Arms Arena

Chibi Robo

  • Chibi-House


  • Gluglug Lagoon


  • Nintendo Labo

Wonderful 101

  • Blossom City

Rhythm Heaven

  • Rhythm Heaven

Other (1st Party)

  • Pictochat X
  • Hanenbow (Brawl)
  • Pushmo Park
  • Steeldiver
  • Advance Wars
  • Brain Age


  • Living Room (3DS)


  • Gravity Fields


  • Retro Mario Bros. (Brawl)
  • 75m (Brawl)
  • Duck Hunt (Wii U)
  • Wrecking Crew (Wii U)
  • Dream Land GB (3DS)
  • Gyromite
  • Janken Disk Jō


  • Green Hill Zone (Brawl)
  • Windy Hill Zone (Wii U)
  • Studiopolis Zone
  • Casino Night Zone

Metal Gear

  • Shadow Moses Island (Brawl)

Street Fighter

  • Suzaku Castle (Wii U)
  • Ken Stage

Mega Man

  • Wily Castle (Wii U)
  • Wood Man Forest

Final Fantasy

  • Midgar (Wii U)


  • Pac-Maze (3DS)
  • Pac-Land (Wii U)
  • Rolling Hills


  • Umbra Clock Tower (Wii U)


  • Dracula's Castle (Ultimate)

Banjo Kazooie

  • Spiral Mountain


  • Planet Scrap

Shovel Knight

  • Pridemoor Keep


  • Scuttle Town

Ace Attorney

  • Court Room


  • Glade of Dreams


  • Hotland
  • Field Of Hopes and Dreams


  • Overworld
  • Nether + End


  • Battle Rifle


  • Aperture Science


  • Hope's Peak Academy

Crash Bandicoot

  • Crash Bash Stadium

Other (3rd Party)

  • Battlebus
  • Runbow
  • Tetris
  • Kove ( from Mortal Kombat X)
  • Columbia (from Bioshock)
  • Willow Creek (from The Sims)
  • Skyrim
  • Raccoon City (from Resident Evil)
  • Mafia Town (from A Hat in Time)
  • Dick Vitale’s Awesome Baby College Hoops

Secret Stages (Scrapped stages and test stages from the game files of previous games that can now be played in regular matches)

  • Kirby Beta Stage 1 (64)
  • Kirby Beta Stage 2 (64)
  • AKANEIA (Melee)
  • DUMMY (Melee)
  • ICETOP (Melee)
  • TEST (Melee)


All items from all smash games will return, alongside every assist trophy character and Pokemon (unless the assist trophy character or Pokemon was included as a character/echo alt). This section will items and only new assist trophy characters.


  • Assist Trophy
  • Banana Gun
  • Barrels
  • Beam Sword
  • Beastball
  • Blackhole
  • Blast Box
  • Bumper
  • Capsule
  • Crates
  • Fake Smash Ball
  • Food
  • Gooey Bomb
  • Healing Field
  • Healing Sprout
  • Home-run Bat
  • Motion-Sensor Bomb
  • Party Ball
  • Rage Blaster
  • Ray Gun
  • Rolling Crates
  • Sandbag
  • Smash Ball
  • Smoke Ball
  • Steel Diver
  • Timer
  • Unira
  • Bob-omb
  • Boomerang
  • Bullet Bill
  • Fire Bar
  • Fire Flower
  • Freezie
  • Golden Hammer
  • Grass
  • Green Shell
  • Hothead
  • Launch Star
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Metal Box
  • Poison Mushroom
  • POW Block
  • Soccer Ball
  • Spiny Shell
  • Super Leaf
  • Super Mushroom
  • Super Star
  • Super Horn
  • Pokeball
  • Master Ball
  • Beetle
  • Bombchu
  • Bunny Hood
  • Cuccos
  • Deku Nut
  • Fairy Bottle
  • Gust Bellows
  • Heart Container
  • Smart Bomb
  • Lip's Stick
  • Nintendo Scope
  • Hocotate Bomb
  • Screw Attack
  • Bomber
  • Dragoon Parts
  • Maxim Tomato
  • Star Rod
  • Superspicy Curry
  • Warp Star
  • Back Shield
  • Daybreak
  • Drill Arm
  • Killer Eye
  • Ore Club
  • Staff
  • X Bomb
  • Killing Edge
  • Mr. Saturn
  • Franklin Badge
  • Ramblin' Evil Mushroom
  • Banana Peel
  • Hammer
  • Spring
  • Death's Scythe
  • Beehive
  • Pitfall
  • Rocket Belt
  • Boss Galaga
  • Special Flag
  • Team Healer
  • Parasol
  • Fan
  • Red Shell
  • Cloaking Device
  • Flipper
  • Barrel Canon
  • Cracker Launcher
  • Bonneter
  • Goomba Shoe
  • Ghost Costume (Nintendo Land)
  • Super Bell
  • Monitor Box (Sonic)
  • Platform
  • Tem Flakes (Undertale)

Assist Trophies

  • Akira Yuki
  • Alucard
  • Andross
  • Arcade Bunny
  • Burrowing Snagret
  • Chain Chomp
  • Chef Kawasaki
  • Color TV-Game 15
  • Devil
  • Dillon
  • Dr. Kawashima
  • Dr. Wright
  • Flies & Hand
  • Ghirahim
  • Ghosts
  • Gray Fox
  • Guile
  • Jeff
  • Kapp'n
  • Klaptrap
  • Knuckle Joe
  • Lyn
  • Metroid
  • Midna
  • Moon
  • Mother Brain
  • Nightmare
  • Nikki
  • Phosphora
  • Prince of Sablé
  • Rathalos
  • Riki
  • Rodin
  • Samurai Goroh
  • Sheriff
  • Starman
  • Sukapon
  • Takamaru
  • Thwomp
  • Tiki
  • Vince
  • Wily Capsule
  • Yuri Kozukata
  • Zero
  • Kat & Ana
  • Saki Amamiya
  • Barbara
  • Excitebiker
  • Jill
  • Magnus
  • Ray Mk III
  • Elec Man
  • Infantry and Tanks
  • Helirin
  • Mr. Resetti
  • Pink Gold Peach
  • Boom Boom
  • 9-Volt
  • Captain Cuddlefish
  • Duster (Mother 3)
  • Apollo (Animal Crossing)
  • Hue (Runbow)
  • Starly (Starfy)
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Bonkers (Kirby)
  • L block (Tetris)
  • Kiddy Kong
  • Timber
  • Conker
  • Papyrus
  • Chase McCain
  • Blooper
  • Hat Kid
  • Rogue The Bat
  • Daruk
  • Adeline
  • Kraid


Classic Mode

  • Giga Bowser (Mario, Peach, Rosalina, Daisy)
  • Baby Giga Bowser (Yoshi, Poochy
  • Shadow Queen (Paper Mario)
  • King Boo (Luigi)
  • Wingo (Captain Toad)
  • Smithy (Geno + Mallow)
  • Wart (Bowser, Bowser Jr)
  • Cakletta (Captain Goomba)
  • Wario Deluxe (Wario, Ashley)
  • Lucien (Waluigi)
  • D.J. Octavio (Inkling)
  • Ganon (Link, Zelda, Shiek, Skull Kid)
  • Vaati (Toon Link, Tetra, Ganondorf)
  • Lord Fredrik (Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, King K Rool, Funky Kong)
  • Andross (Fox, Falco, Wolf, Krystal)
  • Dr. Coyle (Spring Man)
  • Rayquaza (Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff, Incineroar, Meltan)
  • Void Termina (Kirby, King Dedede, Bandana Dee, Meta Knight, Dark Matter, Magolor)
  • Mother Brain (Samus, Zero Suit Samus, Ridley)
  • Dragon (Marth, Roy, Corrin, Robin, Edelgard)
  • Black Knight (Ike)
  • Resetti (Villager, Isabelle)
  • Deathborn (Captain Falcon, Black Shadow)
  • Polar Bear (Ice Climber)
  • Octopus (Mr. Game and Watch)
  • Giga Smick (R.O.B)
  • N.E.S. Zapper (Duck Hunt, Diskun)
  • Queen Spydor (Chibi Robo)
  • Alex (Isaac)
  • Hades (Pit, Palutena, Viridi)
  • King Hippo (Little Mac)
  • Metalface (Shulk)
  • Malos (Rex + Pyra)
  • Giygas (Ness)
  • Porky (Lucas, Kumatora)
  • Giga Balance Board (Wii Fit Trainer, Nintendog)
  • Dark Monita (Monita)
  • Evil Demons (Chorus Kids)
  • Labo House Creature (Labo Man)
  • Mashtooth (Starfy)
  • Giga Spiky (Qbby)
  • Dr. Eggman (Sonic, Tails)
  • Metal Gear Rex (Snake)
  • Dr. Wily (Mega Man)
  • Toc-Man (Pac-Man)
  • Akuma (Ryu)
  • Sephiroth (Cloud)

Adventure Mode

  • Giga Bowser (Super Mario World)
  • Calamity Ganon (The Legend Of Zelda World)
  • Darkrai (Pokemon World)
  • Andross (Star Fox World)

Classic Mode EX

  • Master Hand
  • Crazy Hand
  • The Rumble Core

Mii Costumes

All of the Mii costumes from previous Smash Bros games return, along with many new ones.

  • Silver Outfit
  • Gold Outfit
  • 8 Bit Outfit
  • Mario's Wedding Outfit (Super Mario)
  • Bowser's Wedding Outfit (Super Mario)
  • Peach's Wedding Outfit (Super Mario)
  • Cereal Box Outfit (Super Mario)
  • Decidueye Outfit (Pokemon)
  • Detective Pikachu's Hat (Pokemon)
  • Cyrus Outfit (Animal Crossing)
  • Digby Outfit (Animal Crossing)
  • Mabel Outfit (Animal Crossing)
  • Reese Outfit (Animal Crossing)
  • Lottie Outfit (Animal Crossing)
  • Blathers Outfit (Animal Crossing)
  • Kick Outfit (Animal Crossing)
  • Celeste Outfit (Animal Crossing)
  • Mr Resetti Outfit (Animal Crossing)
  • Timmy/Tommy Outfit (Animal Crossing)
  • Rover Outfit (Animal Crossing)
  • Kapp'n Outfit (Animal Crossing)
  • Midna Outfit (The Legend Of Zelda)
  • Guardian Outfit (The Legend Of Zelda)
  • Bokoblin Outfit (The Legend Of Zelda)
  • Daruk Outfit (The Legend Of Zelda)
  • Mipha Outfit (The Legend Of Zelda)
  • Revali Outfit (The Legend Of Zelda)
  • Urbosa Outfit (The Legend Of Zelda)
  • Alm Outfit (Fire Emblem)
  • Tiki Outfit (Fire Emblem)
  • Metroid Hat (Metroid)
  • Sylux Outfit (Metroid)
  • Yellow Pikmim Outfit (Pikmin)
  • Red Pikmin Outfit (Pikmin)
  • Blue Pikmin Outfit (Pikmin)
  • Pink Pikmin Outfit (Pikmin)
  • Rock Pikmin Outfit (Pikmin)
  • Callie Outfit (Splatoon)
  • Marie Outfit (Splatoon)
  • Pearl Outfit (Splatoon)
  • Marina Outfit (Splatoon)
  • Sukapon Outfit
  • Chrono Outfit (Chrono Trigger)
  • Solaire Of Astora Outfit (Dark Souls)
  • Loot Goblin Outfit (Diablo)
  • Plague Knight (Shovel Knight)
  • King Knight (Shovel Knight)
  • Specter Knight (Shovel Knight)
  • Heavy Outfit (Team Fortress 2)
  • Gordon Freeman Outfit (Half Life)
  • Neku Outfit (The World Ends With You)
  • Madeline Outfit (Celeste)
  • Michael De Santa Outfit (Grand Theft Auto)
  • Fortnite Outfit (Fortnite: Battle Royale)
  • Double Helix Outfit (Fortnite: Battle Royale)
  • Last Dragonborn Outfit (Skyrim)
  • Dante Outfit (Devil May Cry)
  • Frogger Outfit (Frogger

Adventure Mode


Super Mario World

  • 1) Mushroom Kingdom
  • 2) Wooded Kingdom
  • 3) Bob-omb Battlefield
  • 4) Bowser's Castle

The Legend Of Zelda World

  • 1) Greater Hyrule
  • 2) Great Plateau
  • 3) Gerudo Desert
  • 4) Hyrule Castle

Pokemon World

  • 1) Kanto Reigon
  • 2)Alola Reigon
  • 3) Kalos Reigon
  • 4) Sinnoh Reigon

Star Fox World

  • 1) Corneria
  • 2) Sector X
  • 3) Titania
  • 4) Venom


All amiibo will be compatible with this game. The amiibo of fighters will work the same way they do in Smash Bros. Ultimate. The amiibo of characters that aren't fighters will all unlock mii costumes and trophies of the character. LMMCU amiibo will only unlock mii costumes. A line of Smash Rumble amiibo will be released for new fighters or fighters with new looks. All unique fighters will have amiibo, and some echo alts will too.

List of Amiibos from the Smash Rumble line

Wave 1 (January 2019)

  • Captain Toad
  • Poochy
  • Waluigi
  • Link (BOTW)
  • Zelda (BOTW)
  • Dixie Kong
  • Krystal
  • Meltan
  • Bandana Dee
  • Edelgard
  • Black Shadow
  • Diskun
  • Viridi
  • Alph
  • Rex and Pyra
  • Kumatora
  • Labo Man
  • Spring Man


  • This game has the most fighters, stages, music tracks, and overall the most content out of any game in the series