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Super Smash Bros. Revival is a game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. It is a soft reboot of the Super Smash Bros. franchise, with completely redesigned characters. This game was released in Earth-2, as opposed to Smash Ultimate.


The gameplay of this game is incredibly similar to previous Smash Bros. games. If you don't know what Smash Bros. gameplay is, I'd recommend searching it up now. The speed of the game is akin to both Melee and Smash 4. Air-dodges are back, though they cannot be overused unless you want your speed to be decreased. Other new gameplay features include short hops, ladder attacks, an optional Final Smash meter and the fact that you only start off with the Original 8.

Yeah, this is a lot like SSBU, because canonically this game comes out in an alternate universe where this replaces SSBU.



  • Standard Smash: Knock your opponents off the screen to win. There are five modes of Standard Smash. Stock (lives), Time (there's a time limit), Stamina (health bars instead of damage percentages), Coin (get points from hitting opponents) and Beat (time your attacks to the music). Up to eight players can play at once. Four teams are also available; Red, Green, Blue and Yellow.
  • Special Smash: Add special effects to your fighting, including Metal, 300%, Bunny, Reflective, Vampiric (hurt enemies to gain health), Spiky (hurting enemies hurts you) and Elemental (each attack above 6% causes an element or status effect).
  • Rules: Set the rules for the fight! Items, damage ratio, Stage Morph (stages merge between each other, up to five stages can be applied), handicap, random stage settings and more.
  • Tournament: Up to 32 fighters enter. Only one can leave. You all know how this plays out.
  • Smash Run: Up to eight players play on one of eight humongous stages. Collect symbols from beating up enemies to boost your stats. After the timer is over, all players fight to the death. The available stages are as follows:
    • Inverted Pyramid - Super Mario Odyssey
    • Vah Medoh - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    • Milky Way Wishes - Kirby Super Star
    • Alola Region - Pokémon Sun & Moon
    • Moonside - Earthbound
    • SR388 - Metroid
    • Camp Triggerfish - Splatoon (Unlockable, must beat Classic Mode with Inkling on Normal or higher)
    • The Great Maze - The Subspace Emissary (Unlockable, must complete Subspace Rewrite to acquire)


  • Fight Friends: Host a room where up to seven of your friends can join and fight! Includes other Smash modes.
  • Room Smash: Host a room where up to seven people can join and fight! Includes other Smash modes.
  • Quick Fight: Want a quick 1v1 or Team v Team match? Choose this.
    • For Fun: For casual players that like powerful items, quirky stages and a fun time.
    • For Glory: For competitive players that like comfortable stages, raw skill and a battle to the death!
  • Smash Royale: On one of eight gigantic stages, 50 fighters enter but only one escapes. Very similar to Smash Run. It also uses the same stages as Smash Run.


  • Classic Mode: Go through six fighters on a specific adventure for each character to fight one of many familiar bosses at the end, with editable difficulty. See here for details on each character's Classic Route.
  • Training: Choose any stage, including one exclusive to Training, to test your skills.
  • Events: Play through a plethora of special fights called Events. Choose from four difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard and Nightmare (unlocked when you finish Events mode).
  • Challenges: The achievement system. Completing challenges gives you Figures, music tracks and maybe even a Mii costume.


  • My Music: Customize the songs you listen to on each stage.
  • Photos and Replays: Look at all the photographs and videos you've taken while smashing. Wait, no! Not that kind of smashing!


  • The Subspace Rewrite: An Adventure Mode. The Subspace Emissary retold in RPG fashion (World of Light). Tabuu wants to take over the world and turn it into Subspace, so the heroes and villains of the Nintendoverse must come together to take him down! Along the way, they can collect Figures of the fallen heroes who failed to kill Tabuu, which can modify their stats.
  • Figures: Y'all remember Spirits from SSBU and Trophies from the other games? This is the fusion of both! They have the same properties as Spirits, as well as Trophy descriptions. There's a list of them here.
  • Figure Encyclopedia: Look at all those Figures. They each have their own description, so each one is unique. They'll only appear in the Encyclopedia once you acquire them, so get to it.
  • Figure Board: Want to hunt down some Figures in no time at all? Stop down here and duke it out.


Veterans & Echoes

Name Taunts Description Moveset Unlock Criteria



Neutral Taunt: Mario twirls his hat around him, like at the end of levels in NSMB.

Side Taunt: Mario gives the camera a thumbs-up.

Down Taunt: Mario twirls around and gives the camera a peace sign, like in SM64.

We all know this guy, right? Y'know, the king of video games? Mario is the jack-of-all-trades character, good at everything but great at nothing. He's great for beginners but can be a beast if handled by a master!

-NS: Fireball. Mario throws a bounding ball of fire.

-SS: Galactic Spin. Mario does a little spin. It helps him stay in the air and deflects projectiles.

-US: Super Jump. Mario jumps in the air, launching enemies and going up.

-DS: Cappy Throw. Mario charges up Cappy and then throws him. Cappy spins in place, racking up massive damage to his opponents.

-FS: Red Star. Mario uses a Red Star to fly into his opponent, triggering a cutscene involving the Comet Observatory shooting a laser at them!

-Misc.: Mario's footstool does 1%.

Starting roster


Donkey Kong

TBA He's the leader of the bunch, you know him well. He's finally back to give these fighters... heck. DK is strong, durable and fast, but his air game is subpar. His grab game is on point, though! TBA Starting roster



TBA The Hero of the Wild is here! This version of Link is mostly based on BotW. He's pretty fast and packs a punch, though his defence isn't perfect. Be sure to use his many projectiles and tether to your advantage! TBA Starting roster



TBA Samus Aran, intergalactic bounty hunter, at your service. She's received a major overhaul, taking inspiration from SSB4's Mega Man. Although she's a bit slow, she packs a punch from a long distance. TBA Starting roster



TBA A plumber's best friend has arrived on the scene! Yoshi is now light, fast and a bit of a zoner. He can use the power of wool in his A-attacks, even though it may not sound like a good choice in combat.

-NS: Lick. Yoshi sticks out his tongue and turns his opponent into an egg.

-SS: Poochie Ride. Yoshi rides Poochie in a straight line. The longer you charge it, the further it goes.

-US: Egg Throw. Yoshi throws an egg and slightly jumps.

-DS: Ground Pound. Yoshi jumps up and slams his butt into the ground.

-FS: Eggdozer. Yoshi throws a gigantic egg at his opponents, rolling across the stage.

Starting roster



TBA The powerful pink puffball perfectly punches through players. He's very light but he's mobile on both the ground and the air. Try not to get locked into a combo.

-NS: Inhale. Kirby sucks in his opponent and steals their power!

-SS: Cutter Finish. Kirby slashes with a Cutter Boomerang and locks his opponent into a combo involving Kirby's old Up Special.

-US: Hi-Jump. Kirby uses the Hi-Jump ability to rocket upwards. It doesn't do much damage but makes Kirby a beast in the air.

-DS: Stone. Kirby turns into a stone and shoots downwards.

-FS: Hypernova. Kirby becomes Hypernova Kirby and sucks in everything; items, Assists, characters...

Starting roster



TBA Fox McCloud, son of the legendary James McCloud, joins the fight! He's quick, packs a punch and can use his famous Shine to deflect anything. Just make sure that he doesn't get swept off his feet; he falls fast.

-NS: Laser. Fox swiftly shoots a laser, dealing 1%... but it can be spammed.

-SS: Illusion. Fox blips way in front of him really fast.

-US: Firefox. Fox catches on fire and bolts in any direction.

-DS: Shine. Fox uses his Reflector for a brief moment, cancelling enemy attacks and reflecting projectiles.

-FS: Arwing Assault. Fox shoots in front of him. Anyone caught in the blast will be treated to a cutscene involving them being gunned down by four Arwings.

Starting roster



TBA Falco Lombardi, Fox's best friend and teammate, joins the battle as an Echo Fighter of Fox. Although his moveset is the same, there are many stat variations. For example, his reflector doesn't stay in one spot. TBA Complete Classic Mode as Fox on 5.0 or higher



TBA A wild PIKACHU appears! Pikachu is quick and shockingly strong, with some of his attacks paralyzing you with lightning. Although his defence isn't so strong, the world's favourite Pokémon is still a good pick. TBA Starting roster



TBA The jumpy brother of Mario is playable once more! His new moveset draws a lot from Luigi's Mansion and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He's lighter but much more slippery than his brother.

-Misc.: Luigi's footstool does 1.5%.

Beat Classic Mode as Mario with a 2 anywhere in the final time.



Neutral Taunt: Ness nods and says "okay".

This cult classic character is back in action. Although his moves haven't changed much functionally, the graphics of his moves better represent their in-game effects. Watch out for that bat. TBA Kill someone with a Home Run Bat.



TBA Originally a standalone character, Lucas comes out of nowhere as an Echo Fighter! His statistics, grab and a few of his specials differ from Ness, so he's still a unique fighter.

-FS: PK Starstorm. A series of stars fall from the sky. Kumatora and Boney make guest appearances here.

End a match as Ness by defeating any opponent with his side smash.


Captain Falcon

TBA Falcon Punch! This racer from the F-Zero franchise is known more for his appearance in this all-star series. His attacks and playstyle remain the same, so you can relish in his nostalgic moveset.

-NS: Falcon Punch. Falcon charges up and punches in front of him, unleashing a fiery falcon!

-SS: Raptor Boost. He charges forward and uppercuts anyone in his way.

-US: Falcon Dive. He leaps upwards and kicks anyone down with an explosion.

-DS: Falcon Kick. He kicks forward, his leg enveloped in flames.

-FS: Blue Falcon. Cap calls in the Blue Falcon... to run over his opponents!

Complete Classic Mode without using a Continue.



TBA This puffy singer is a classic, so she has to return. Having some of the best air mobility in the game, Jigglypuff is a force to be reckoned with. Don't be fooled by her cutesy demeanour. TBA Complete Classic Mode as Pikachu on 4.0 or higher.



TBA Bowser... a big, bad enemy... he's fast on the ground, miserable in the air and his punches pack a lot. His new attacks come from the more recent Mario games.

-NS: Fire Breath. Bowser shoots a stream of fire that dies down eventually.

-SS: King Slash. Bowser swipes forward to grab and bodyslam an opponent. He can also carry them forward; imagine Cat Mario's air attack but while grabbing an enemy.

-US: Shockwave Slam. Bowser jumps up high and lands hard, producing an electric shockwave.

-DS: Koopa Pound. Bowser jumps in the air and crashes down with a Ground Pound.

-FS: Final Boss. Bowser becomes either Meowser or Giga Bowser, teleports to the background and punches the foreground!

Beat Classic Mode as Mario without using a Continue.


  • Hint 1: Duo (Diddy and Dixie)
  • Hint 2: Sword (Isaac)
  • Hint 3: Hammer (Paper Mario)
  • Hint 4: Fighter (Spring Man)
  • Hint 5: Spin (Crash Bandicoot)
  • Hint 6: Dimension (Magolor)
  • Hint 7: Champion (Mipha)
  • Hint 8: Spell (Kamek)
  • Hint 9: Blade (Rex)
  • Hint 10: Shape (Zoroark)
  • Hint 11: Legend (Geno)


Each character has 12 skins. Eight of them are predetermined by the development team, but the remaining four are Custom Skins. You can choose from their available models and modify the colours. You can even change the colours of their specials and the background colour-shift that occurs when they use a Final Smash.

  • Link
    • Blue/Beige (default) (sleeves are beige btw)
    • Red/Dark Blue (Hylian Outfit)
    • Cobalt/Blue (Sheikah Outfit)
    • Green/White (OoT)
    • Hero of Twilight
    • Hero of Time
    • Hero of the Sea
    • Dark Link
  • Mario
    • Red/Blue (default)
    • White/Red (Fire Mario)
    • Light Blue/Red (Ice Mario)
    • Yellow/Purple (Wario)
    • Builder outfit (changes fireballs to hammers)
    • Wedding outfit (changes fireballs to masses of flowers)
    • Dr. Mario (changes fireballs to Megavitamins)
    • Patriotic Mario (changes fireballs to golf balls)
  • Ness
    • Red, blue/yellow stripes (default)
    • White w/ red highlights
    • Yellow, black/yellow stripes (Buzz Buzz)
    • Purple/Black/Mr. Saturn icon
    • Ninten (Red, blue/white/red stripes)
    • Ninten #2 (Dark red, red/dark red stripes, based on Giygas)
    • Ninten #3 (Grey, white with Starman icon)
    • Ninten #4 (Yellow, purple/pink stripes, based on Paula)


Name Description Origin
Final Destination  This classic always returns. A completely flat stage with no hazards, floating in the desolate vacuum of space.

Super Smash Bros.


Battlefield  A flat stage below three small platforms. This stage always looks different in every game, but usually keeps the ruins aesthetic.

Super Smash Bros.


Wooded Kingdom  A changing stage, taking you throughout the semi-robotic forest of Wooded Kingdom. You might even be taken to the Deep Woods...

Super Mario Odyssey


Luigi's Mansion  A returning stage from SSBB. You can break the pillars to destroy the house, though the Boos will fix it up.

Luigi's Mansion


Bowser's Castle  A wide spire amidst a sea of lava. The background matches 8-Castle from New Super Mario Bros Wii.

Super Mario Bros.


Tick Tock Clock  A bit like Battlefield, though the semisolid platforms have a weird layout. Depending on the time of day, the platform layout will change.

Super Mario 64


Rainbow Road 8  Based on the MK8 version. You travel around the course on a rainbow platform. Be wary of the many driving Shy Guys.

Mario Kart 8


Franchise Info

Information on music, series symbols, fanfares and more can be found here.