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SSBICS is the most legendary game ever


It's literally just like every single Smash Bros fanon game, but the twist? EVERYONE IS HERE. Your mom's here, your dead ancestors are here, Shrek is here, Goku is here with a total of 100000000000000 billion characters. Yes I know that's an inaccurate number


  • Shovel Knight is an assist bitch
  • Waluigi is an assist bitch
  • That's right, you reading this right now, you're in the game. Yes the creator has recorded everyone in here.
  • Nathan from school, if you are reading this, just letting you know you have the weakest moveset ever, mothafucka (and also i hate you)
  • God Thanos and the Devil are the same person in this game, yes
  • Reenact famous scenes in history! Well, I dunno if that's a good thing..