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Steampunk is a 2019 action adventure steampunk science fantasy thriller film developed by Shatara Studios in association with New Line Cinema and DC Entertainment, and distributed by Warner Bros..

It is the first installment in the Steampunk Universe and spawned two sequels; Steampunk 1968 in 2021 and Steampunk: Manimatron - The Confederacy in 2023.


After his girlfriend falls ill, Cole Blaquesmith seeks out the aid of crazed witch doctor Mortimer Absinthe in search for a cure. When Cole is betrayed and retaliates, he enters a coma and awakens 100 years in the future where Absinthe now rules with an iron fist as Cole learns that he is the only one who can end his reign.



  • Despite being the closest adaptation to the source material than other films, Steampunk still varies slightly from the original comics with a few examples:
    • The film is set mainly in 1954 while a prologue took place in 1854. In the comics, the prologue took place in the 18th century, not 17th and Cole briefly visited 1954 instead.
    • The film features Fiona as a young mill worker who is poisoned by Absinthe, but the comics depict her as a teacher of the lower class who falls ill after her school is burned down.
    • Characters from the comics not present in the film include; Batcat, D. Danforth, Napoleon Bonaparte, Iron Monk, Medik, Mambutu X and the Pestilent Brothel.
      • Of these, D. Danforth, Napolean Bonaparte, and Mambutu X are introduced in future installments.
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