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"Well, this has been a ruff day."
- Spot's catchphrase

Spot Bateman, also known as Spot Time, is a main character of The GameTime Movie and the protagonist of it's short, Spot's Ruff Day.


The GameTime Movie

Spot is GameTime's fanon character he creates when creating a page on a wiki for the first time. When the latter unleashes a great evil, Spot reluctantly teams up with GameTime to save the internet.

Sly Guy NEXT

Spot works at GameTime's company, The Sly Guy, as the subtitle auditor for presentations. He usually helps out the crew's schemes throughout the series.



TV Shows

Video Games


TV Shows


  • Spot is very lazy, zany, care-free, messy, and eccentric.
  • Spot is a friendly and lovable person to around with.
  • Spot likes eating, sleeping, and watching TV.
  • Spot likes to joke around a lot, much like his creator.


  • Spot can shock people and shoot electricity with his finger due to his shock collar.



Physical Appearance

Spot's hair is messy and grey. His snout has spots all over it and the fur behind his ears are dark grey. Spot wears a red tag shaped like a dog bone consisting of his name. Spot's hands consist of white hair and his palms resemble Xs. His chest consists of white fur shaped as a circle. He wears purple pants and has a extremely long tail. He also has small black fingernails and toenails.


  • Became an internet star. ("FANDOM Con")
  • Solved the mystery of Camp Downfall. ("Camp Downfall")



  • The Sly Guy (Subtitle Auditor)


  • FANDOM Police Department (Police Dog)
  • FANDOM Con (Internet Star)
  • Camp Downfall (Camp Counselor)
  • Sly Guy Movie Lot (Actor)

Criminal Record (Non-canon)

In some episodes, Spot is known to do some crimes on his own, but not very often.

  • Assault: Spot got into a fight with Crowley and Officer Lawson in "Camp Downfall". It doesn't really count as it isn't a crime. Spot bit a cosmietan trooper and Cavefang in "Vexxtronian". Spot accidentally punched Professor Magnesium in the face in "Follow the Present". Spot fought ninjas in "Abby and Violet: Best Besties Forever".
  • Attempted Murder: He tried to kill GameTime in "Vexxtronian". However, he was under Vexx's control so this doesn't really count.
  • Credit Fraud: He stole and used GameTime's credit card to purchase food at the party in "Ghostly Hour".
  • Impersonation: Spot stole the identity of Mr. Dawnson in "Abby and Violet: Best Besties Forever".
  • Indecent Exposure: Spot took off his pants and went naked in front of his friends to act as Scooby-Doo for the Sly Guy crossover movie in "A Sly Guy NEXT Production".
  • Murder: Spot slapped and killed a talking fly which had a family in "Camp Downfall". Spot's actions to preserve his spaghetti girlfriend caused her death in "Charm Chat". Spot electrocuted and killed a nunchuck doll in “Scorpio Shutdown”.
  • Possession of Illegal Substance: Spot watched over and eventually ate an illegal substance when specifically told not to by Officer Lawson as a police dog in "Cop Academy".
  • Reckless Driving: Spot crashed into multiple objects and buildings when driving the Road Rusher in "Pacific Grim".
  • Shoplifting: Spot opened and ate a bunch of dog treats in their boxes without paying for them in "A Sly Guy NEXT Production".
  • Theft: Spot beat up and stole clothes from Mr. Dawnson in "Abby and Violet: Best Besties Forever". Spot and Violet stole honey from worker bees in "Land That GameTime Forgot".
  • Trespassing: Spot secretly lives with GameTime and Fricksy Business in their apartment when dogs aren't allowed as said by him in "Violet: Queen of Dreams". Spot snuck into a movie theater when dogs aren't allowed in "GameTime: Into the GameTime-Verse" and did so again in "Abby and Violet: Best Besties Forever". Spot, GameTime, Fricksy Business, and Emma went into Scorpio Corp when they were restricted from doing so in "Pacific Grim".
  • Vehicular Assault: Spot hit Butchy when driving the Road Rusher in "Pacific Grim".




Fricksy Business


Officer Lawson


Professor Magnesium




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