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Splatastic! is the 7th episode of Press Start.


The episode starts with a continuation of episode 6 where Peace puts in Splatoon. Sky, Miles, and Peace are now trapped inside of Splatoon, so they go and buy gear, but straight after getting the gear Sky gets sucked into a portal. Peace and Miles start blasting noobs away and figure out they can be squids because Miles is 15 and Peace is 14. Out of no where a ravenous Octomaw eats Peace,but he just re-spawns and loses a life. Trigger then comes out of a portal and into Splatoon as well. He complains about how he's bad at the game, but he gathers the courage to join the guys. GameTime also pops in and asks where he is. Suddenly Cipher briefly floats by, but gets crushed by DJ Octavio. Sky then reappears and shoots DJ with his gun, but he kills Miles in time and he loses a life. Flakey then comes out of a portal and writes Miles's will, but Miles re-spawns. Sky then says some stupid stuff and quickly regrets it, but Flakey says more weird stuff which creeps Sky out making him and Miles leave.

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