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Sly Guy NEXT is a presentation produced by The Sly Guy, where information regarding the company's content or franchises is presented, such as information about projects, in a similar manner as Nintendo Direct. Outside of the general Sly Guy NEXT presentations covering a range of titles, there are also Directs centered around specific projects and series. Each presentation comes with their own episode usually based on the theme of the Direct. It is also became a TV show that airs its episodic portions of it's directs on Frick TV as full episodes as well as new episodes created for the series.


All of your favorite Sly Guy and Scorpio Games characters crossover over in Sly Guy NEXT, focusing on the titular presentation show hosted by the Sly Guy studio and run by The GameTime Movie characters! Watch as the staff of the presentation go on adventures and pull off suspicious schemes all for the sake of an online announcement series. Expect disaster and hilarity along the way... mostly the former.


List of Sly Guy NEXT Presentations

Bolded presentations are upcoming.


  • Sly Guy NEXT 4.20.18
  • Sly Guy NEXT L16 Expo 2018 7.17.18
  • Sly Guy NEXT 10.23.18 Halloween Special (Story: GameTime of the Dead)
  • Sly Guy NEXT 12.30.18 Holiday Special (Story: I'll Be Home For Frickmas)


  • Sly Guy NEXT GameTime-Verse 1.25.19 (Story: GameTime: Into the GameTime-Verse)
  • Sly Guy NEXT Ladies' Reboot 4.1.19 (Story: The Piranha Plant Revolution)
  • Sly Guy NEXT Inferno 7.7.19 (Story: The Miserable Clip Show Episode)
  • Sly Guy NEXT Fanpalooza Special 7.11.19 (Story: Lords of Rock)
  • Sly Guy NEXT L16 Expo 2019 7.20.19 (Story: A Sly Guy NEXT Production)
  • Sly Guy NEXT Time Travel 8.21.19
  • Sly Guy NEXT Halloween Special 10.31.19 (Story: Ghostly Hour)
  • Sly Guy NEXT Holiday Special 12.20.19 (Story: Seasons' Flexings)


  • Scorpio Online 1.18.20
  • Sly Guy NEXT ChibiTime Takeover 3.15.20
  • Sly Guy NEXT Power Surge 4.1.20


Season 1

Season 2


  • Ep. 1 - Follow the Present: Spot and Magnesium notice a present in the studio.
  • Ep. 2 - Champions and Crewmates: Abby wants to continue her Magic and Monsters win streak.
  • Ep. 3 - Photo Cop: Lawson hurries for the yearly FANDOM Police Force team photo.
  • Ep. 4 - New News: Crowley helps Violet make the news more interesting.
  • Ep. 5 - Friday Height Lights: Fricksy is tasked to put up the studio sign.

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  • The show was renewed for a second season ahead of it's first season.
  • The show was nominated for an LMMCU award for Best TV Show and Best Project at the 2019 LMMCU Awards, along with other television series.
  • The show’s first season was released on DVD and Blu-Ray in December 6, 2019 and on HBO Max in 2020.
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