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Sly Guy Alliance is an action-adventure fighting game developed and published by The Sly Guy featuring characters from various Sly Guy Studios properties. It will be released on Q4 2020.


After a mysterious entity, Vexx, and his massive chaotic army, set on a mission for multiverse domination, merges the Sly Guy universes, the many heroes of the Sly Guy worlds must form an alliance and explore their strangely collided and splintered new world to save their mind-controlled friends and stop Vexx from preventing their universes from further destruction.


Sly Guy Alliance is an open world environment game where players are tasked with exploring the worlds of various Sly Guy properties and third party franchises through download content. Players can play as many different characters from different Sly Guy franchise such as The GameTime Movie, Into the Ravenverse, Transform Animals Island, Lickerwick, and Survival Street and other third-party characters through downloadable content. Players can control and switch characters at will, each with their own special abilities and combo attacks based around their powers, attack ranges, and effects. All characters can perform basic actions such as running, climbing, and swimming while some have unique actions. Characters are unlocked by playing through the story and restoring them from Vexx's mind control or finding them throughout the open world and battling them. Players can acquire items and resources as well as armor and weapons as the User character when defeating enemies or searching in various worlds. Each world contains hidden secrets and areas. Players will be able to upgrade and unlock powers and abilities for each character through Cosmic Orbs. Players can use each character's weapons and abilities to attack and defend themselves from enemies and bosses. Characters can be suited in alternate outfits that can be unlocked through Cosmestian Stones. Players can also complete quests and challenges with different objectives given by characters and certain actions to win items and loot. Players can also partake in activates throughout the hub worlds such as solving puzzles and mini-games. Players can also fight other players online and improve their fighting rank on the online leaderboard and win rewards.

Playable Characters

So far, the game's base roster will feature playable 14 characters from 12 franchises. To see a list of their abilities and attacks in the game, see these pages: Characters, Costumes, and Abilities.

Dark Shadow

Game Masters

Into the Ravenverse


Monster Labs: Smash Hit


Red Riot

Sly Guy Alliance

Sly Guy NEXT

Survival Street

The GameTime Movie

Transform Animals Island

  • Blue
  • Webber Winston

Wild Cards

The Minecraft Arc

Cloud Man

  • Cloud Man (DLC)


iNinjago: The Movie


Life D

  • Derik (DLC)


  • Red Shogun (DLC)

Sketchian Multiverse

Dapigin: The Series

  • Dapigin (DLC)






Hub World

Dark Shadow World

Game Masters World

Into the Ravenverse World

Lickerwick World

Monster Labs: Smash Hit World

Nightfall World

Red Riot World

Sly Guy NEXT World

Survival Street World

The GameTime Movie World

Transform Animals Island World

Wild Cards World

Cosmetian Multiverse

The Minecraft Arc World

  • Overworld
  • The End
  • The Nether

Cloud Man World

Venture World

  • Alone House
  • Desert
  • Dlab Tribe
  • Hell
  • Morel Island
  • Mountains
  • Quagmire
  • Rainforest
  • Snow Woodlands
  • The Sea
  • Woods
  • Wyve

INinjago: The Movie World

4Corners World

  • Burgers-A-Planty
  • Corner Apartments
  • Cornerville Mall
  • Cornerville Middle School
  • Cornerville Studios
  • The Park

Life D World

  • Leefo Village
  • Temple of De

Shogun World

  • City of Macedonia
  • Himalayas

Planet Sketchia-23

  • Penciltown
  • Mt. Earthclad
  • East Sketchima
  • Stratosville
  • Guardian's Sanctum

Dapigin: The Series World


The game has a DLC Season Pass featuring guest characters from third-party properties.

  • DLC Story Pack: The Rising Leader (New Campaign)
  • DLC Pack #1: Blocky Encounter- (Lara (The Minecraft Arc) + The Minecraft Arc World)
  • DLC Pack #2: Take The Skies- (Cloud Man (Cloud Man) + Cloud Man World)
  • DLC Pack #3: A Grand Adventure- (Robert Jacob (Venture) + Venture World)
  • DLC Pack #4: Back Online- (iNinjago (INinjago: The Movie) + INinjago: The Movie World)
  • DLC Pack #5: Corner Mayhem- (Mark Smith (4Corners) + 4Corners World)
  • DLC Pack #6: Quest Awaiting- (Derik (Life D) + Life D World)
  • DLC Pack #7: Warriors Uprising- (Red Shogun (Shogun) + Shogun World)
  • DLC Pack #8: Onyx Takeover- (AnthonyM (Sketchian Multiverse) + Planet Sketchia-23)
  • DLC Pack #9: Scientific Discovery- (Dapigin (Dapigin: The Series) + Dapigin: The Series World)

Parent's Guide

Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore


Drugs & Smoking

Frightening/Intense Scenes

Common Sense Media


  • Sly Guy Alliance will be the first Sly Guy video game to be a crossover with multiple Sly Guy properties.
  • Sly Guy Alliance will have compatibility with LMMCU amiibo.
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