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Sky Lord be a character in Metachargers 'n be th' cap'n 'o th' Sky band 'o pirates.


Sky Lord insulted Ulmulk in order to distract him while a scurvy pirate fired a machine gun cannon ball at him. Besides 'tis, Sky Lord's personality be not well known.


Sky Lord smoked a lot 'o meth 'n had a hallucination 'o scurvy pirate ships sailin' in th' sky, so he decided to form th' Sky band 'o pirates, his crew who accompanies him on his sailin' scurvy pirate ship, th' Boner Pearl.

When th' Metachargers attacked th' Boner Pearl, Sky Lord was doin' meth 'n usin' syrin'es of marijuana, as well as countin' his gold 'n eatin' toasted hardtack biscuits wit' grape jelly 'n butter on them.