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Shatara Studios is a film studio created by Richard Shepard.



After Shatara Comics kicked off with Shogun, Richard Shepard pursued using revenue from the comics' sales to establish his own production company, Red Shogun Productions, to develop series in the television market, as well as establishing Shatara Entertainment to own the comics division independently. As stock increased, Richard Shepard obtained financial backing from The Weinstein Company to incorporate Red Shogun Productions into a studio division under Shatara Entertainment, being succeeded as Shatara Studios.

Early Projects

Shatara Studios entered co-production with Paramount Pictures on a Shogun film adaptation which released on July 21, 2017. Shatara Studios later entered a venture project bundle with DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. to make film adaptations for titles published by Wildstorm and its imprints, excluding America's Best Comics; Alan Moore's estate had full control over the studio. Such projects included; from WildStorm: Deathblow, 21 Down and The Programme; from Cliffhanger: Steampunk, High Roads, and Arrowsmith; from Homage Comics: Red.

Other projects included the Anti-Verse distributed by Lionsgate and Backfire distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing in co-production with Columbia Pictures.

Expanding the Market

As superhero films dominated at the box office, Shatara Studios took a step out of their comfort zone and continued Steampunk, forming the Steampunk shared universe off of it. Shows such as Shogun: The Sho, Sam and Twitch and Code Duello that were inspired by other media quickly came out and amid a court battle, Shatara Studios acquired GPS Productions and repurposed them as their new television unit, Navstar Productions, which launched with The Clone Masters.

On December 20, 2018, the studio brokered a deal with Trail Blazer Studios handing over a bundle consisting of The Clone Masters, Gallick, Arrowsmith, Mister Doctor, and High Roads in exchange for full rights to characters and trademarks from Trail Blazer Studios' canceled project Bullseye, which was intended to crossover with Shogun. Despite most of these projects having been canceled, Gallick was announced as a 13-episode television series being developed by Navstar Productions.

After little to no development had occurred on numerous projects and with expected releases having not been met, Shatara Studios announced the cancellation of numerous projects to focus on more original content. One such original content announced was Guillotine, slated for a release in 2021.


TV series

  • Shogun: The Sho (August 2019 - present)
  • Untitled Steampunk prequel series (April 2023 - July 2023)
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