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"So sad it had to come to this."

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Searing is the main character of The Searing Movie.


Searing is a bureaucrat on LEGO Dimensions Wikia. During the events of The Searing Movie, Searing had decided to take a vacation to Uncylopedia, where he had found a 'satirical' version of The GameTime Movie's King Phantom, called Dark Guy. Dark Guy escaped from Uncylopedia into LMMCU, which he attempted to destroy. However, Searing's personal servant bot, Mee6, had prevented this by using his Mee6 Box, which allowed him to create exact replicas of himself. Dark Guy soon escaped outside of Wikia and into Wikipedia. In order to help defeat Dark Guy, Searing had created a pair of gloves that can create blue energy and manipulate it to form constructs, similarly to Green Lantern.

Powers and Abilities

Using his Construct Gloves, Searing can create costructs of any form and can also shoot energy balls with them. He can also use a Ban Hammer, which instantly bans a user to the Wiki Jail, a cross-wiki prison for all banned users on wikis. In addition to his weapons, Searing is also very acrobatic, as well as having super strength, which allows him to pick up objects with relative ease.