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Robert Jacob is a fighter in 1001 Spears: Deathmatch.


  • Special: Robert Jacob fires a rifle. Can be charged to deal more damage.
  • Side Special: Robert Jacob hooks an opponent, damaging them, and then reels them into the direction the analog stick is being held.
  • Up Special: Robert Jacob tosses a Wyvepearl, teleporting him to wherever it lands.
  • Down Special: Drinks one of five elixirs (Speed, Regeneration, Strength, and Jump Boost).
  • Ultimate Special: Robert Jacob summons the Decayer, who fires their skulls at opponents, dealing blast damage and providing the Poison status effect.


  • Victory Pose 1: Robert Jacob places a beacon that lights up, causing Robert to leap back in surprise.
  • Victory Pose 2: Robert Jacob unlocks a treasure chest and pulls out a diamond.
  • Victory Pose 3: Robert Jacob flips a switch on a minigun, causing pyrotechnics to shoot into the air.
  • Losing Animation: Robert Jacob applauds, his head hung low.
  • Stop Animation: Robert Jacobs sticks his pick into the ground to stop himself.
  • Falling animation: Robert Jacob falls feet-first.



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