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Rift Masters is a 2018 action-adventure science fiction fighting puzzle video game directed by Trailblazer101, based on Trail's canceled Portal Kombat video game.

The game was developed and published by Fraction Interactive. It was released for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, BlazeBox, Blaze Oblong, and Windows PC on December 28, 2018.

A sequel, Rift Masters: GyroWorld, is scheduled to be released in December of 2021.


Fight your way through an all-out interdimensional brawl against corrupt science organization Maelstrom Incorporated in a desperate attempt to stop them from unleashing the Black Vortex onto what's left of the universe that they've destroyed, while solving a series of estranged puzzle complexes that are organized to only stall the inevitable.


The game consists of 13 levels where the player must fight opponents from multiple fictional dimensions while also solving various different types of puzzles when fighting is not occurring. Characters have their own weapons (usually Rift devices) and abilities that correspond to a classified power element, while bosses are similar to this but are classified in their own villain groups. Each level has various tasks to complete, while an overall plot is assigned to the player, with additional side quests being available. Players can collect Energy Cores in each level to upgrade and charge their various Rift devices and elemental powers, to unlock and use different rifts each with their own unique powers and purposes. A Maelstrom Incorporated "Test Mode" is available to play in where up to 2-10 players can battle against each other in multiple experimental cell stations to test their skills and learn more about the game until there is only one winner. Players can also unlock unique vehicular mechanisms to improve travel in each level, with vehicles coming with their own personal powers and upgrades.



  • Lvl. 01
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  • Lvl. 02
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  • Lvl. 03
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  • Lvl. 04
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  • Lvl. 05
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  • Lvl. 06
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  • Lvl. 07
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  • Lvl. 08
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  • Lvl. 09
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  • Lvl. 10
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  • Lvl. 11
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  • Lvl. 12
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  • Lvl. 13
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Test Mode

In the "Test Mode", there are multiple levels for the player to experiment with the game mechanics and can create different terrains, areas, and combinations of weapons for as many levels as the player wishes to create.



A sequel, Rift Masters: GyroWorld, is in development and is scheduled to be released in December of 2021. It will be set in a spherical dystopian world that the heroes find themselves trapped in and are being used as test subjects for a fighting ring in the middle of the GyroWorld, complete with roller derbies, wrestling, capture the flag, among other tests. Our heroes must attempt to escape the GyroWorld and uncover the mystery about its functionality and why they are being tested on, or for what. As you make your desperate escape from the tests, you will encounter many different puzzles throughout the GyroWorld that you will have to use tactical thinking to solve. There are access keys and remotes that can give you access to new areas, although those are difficult to find if you don't follow the right clues hidden throughout the world.


  • The game is also available to play on Netflix and Inferno Scope.
  • Rift Masters is a reworking of Trail's canceled crossover video game between the Portal and Mortal Kombat video game series, Portal Kombat.
    • Several aspects from the game, such as the battles and puzzle solving, were reused for Rift Masters with different designs and styles.
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