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Redemption is the 11th episode of The Amazing Life Of Vesp and GameTime.


The episode starts of with Pixel throwing a paper airplane at Vesp.Vesp throws a paper airplane back and Pixel being the snitch he is tattles on Vesp.Vesp says that Pixel and Zemo started it so Pixel and Vesp get sent to detention.Pixel gets sent out of detention by Morton but Vesp does not.

Later in Peroid 6 Vesp,GameTime and Marty all talk about stuff when they see Pixel as usual listening to music.Marty goes to listen to it and steals Pixel's headphones leading to bigger fight.Everyone annoyed at Pixel goes home but GameTime notes that he isn't be as horrible as usual.GameTime then gets stung by a bee but more bee's start flying in there.The gang goes in to Pixel's room to see if he did it.He says no but he asks them if he could help him get a girlfriend.Pixel explains how he isn't such a bad person he is just forced to by Morton.But then Pixel plays a prank on Vesp by dropping a beehive on his head.


  • Marty
  • GameTime
  • Vesp
  • Pixel
  • Morton
  • Zemo