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- Magnesium's catchphrase

Professor Alexander "Alex" Linus Magnesium a main character of The GameTime Movie.


The GameTime Movie

Magnesium is the head professor of FANDOM Labs and a teacher at FANDOM University who resides in Discord. When meeting GameTime and his friends, he agrees to help him on his quest to stop a great evil.

Sly Guy NEXT

Magnesium works at GameTime's company, The Sly Guy, as the sound and special effects engineer. He usually helps out the crew's schemes throughout the series.



TV Shows

Video Games


TV Shows



  • Magnesium is extremely intelligent as his capability to create complex machines.
  • Magnesium is kind to others and will help them when they need his scientific abilities.
  • Magnesium likes to be neat and organize things when messy.
  • Magnesium is realistic and cautious when it comes to solving situations.


  • Magnesium can create various machines and inventions.


  • Professor Magnesium has various scientific and technology-based weapons depending on the source material (The GameTime Movie and Sly Guy NEXT).

Physical Appearance

Magnesium has long messy black and white hair. Magnesium has brown goggles and a long grey beard. He wears a long white lab coat with a orange collar shirt underneath it. He also has torn brown pants with orange ends and camo-colored boots.


  • Stopped the zombie apocalypse. ("GameTime of the Dead")
  • Saved the FANDOM Science Fair from complete destruction. ("Fight Bot")
  • Helped Grand Wizard Pendrick retrieve a bottle of sparkle matter. ("Holden Tales")
  • Won the Edit 5000 for GameTime. ("Lawson: Wikia's Most Wanted")



  • The Sly Guy (Sound and Special Effects Engineer)
  • FANDOM Labs (Lead Scientist)
  • FANDOM University (Head Professor)


  • FANDOM Police Department (Police Officer)
  • Camp Downfall (Camp Counselor)
  • Sly Guy Movie Lot (Actor)
  • The Sly Guy (Gangster)

Criminal Record (Non-canon)

Despite being well-liked and generally nice, Professor Magnesium does, in fact, have a criminal record.

  • Arson: Professor Magnesium and Abby's actions as cops led to a gas station on fire and blown up in "Cop Academy".
  • Assault: Professor Magnesium punched Fight Bot in "Fight Bot" and Cavefang in "Vexxtronian".
  • Attempted Murder: He tried to kill GameTime in "Vexxtronian". However, he was under Vexx's control so this doesn't really count.
  • Breaking and Entering: He, along with GameTime, Bigs, and the Phantom Underworld staff broke into Caden's mansion in "The Toyfather".
  • Cloning: Professor Magnesium had a cloning device with him in "Charm Chat", inferring that he has cloned himself or someone else before using it.
  • Kidnapping: Professor Magnesium and GameTime kidnapped Princess Bad Piranha Plant and a Waddle Dee for tests in "The Miserable Clip Show Episode".
  • Mass Murder: Professor Magnesium's machine was unintentionally responsible for the mass killing of Wikia in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arc which FANDOM scientists including Magnesium accidentally released Galeem into the Webiverse. Those actions and suspicions was questioned by the residents of Wikia at the time. However since the actions were performed by GameTime, Galeem, and how everyone was revived at the end, this doesn't really count.
  • Murder: Professor Magnesium beat up Fight Bot to the point where the machine couldn't attack anymore and told it to explode in "Fight Bot".
  • Shoplifting: Professor Magnesium stole a VHS player, VHS tapes, a tape recorder, and a toothbrush and stored it in his pocket dimension device in "A Sly Guy NEXT Production". However, he put the money on the counter before leaving so it doesn't really count.
  • Trespassing: Professor Magnesium and GameTime went into the restricted area for the Edit Race 5000 while driving the Road Rusher vehicle in "Lawson: Wikia's Most Wanted".
  • Vehicular Assault: Professor Magnesium used the weapons on a modified Road Rusher vehicle in the Edit Race 5000 to take people out of the race leaving a person injured in "Lawson: Wikia's Most Wanted".



Fricksy Business


Officer Lawson






  • The character was physically Crowley and Cell for a short amount of time because they switched bodies in Your Username.
  • The character was nominated for an LMMCU award for Best Character from a Film or TV Show at the 2019 LMMCU Awards, along with RealGameTime and other characters.
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