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"I lay down the law."
- Lawson's catchphrase

Officer Chad Raymond Lawson is a main character of The GameTime Movie.


The GameTime Movie

Lawson is the chief of the FANDOM Police Department who resides in Twitter. When meeting GameTime and his friends, he agrees to help him on his quest to stop a great evil.

Sly Guy NEXT

Lawson works at GameTime's company, The Sly Guy, as the security officer. He usually helps out the crew's schemes throughout the series.



TV Shows

Video Games


TV Shows


  • Lawson is a very bumbling and incompetent police officer.
  • Lawson always cares about his friends greatly.
  • Lawson loves action and fighting enemies/villains.
  • Lawson will go to great lengths to solve problems.


  • Lawson knows how to use several weapons such as his favorite gun, which he nicknamed "Beretta".
  • Lawson is an average dancer, as shown in the Sly Guy NEXT episode, "Lords of Rock".


  • Gun: Beretta

Physical Appearance

Lawson has blonde hair and wears a police hat. He wears sunglasses and a orange scarf. He has hair all around his face, implying that he may had a beard at one point. His police uniform contains his nametag, watch, and whistle. He also has a silver ring on his finger. Lawson also wears a blue belt, pants, and black work shoes.


  • Assembled the new FANDOM Police Squad and fixed Wikia from criminal activity. ("Cop Academy")
  • Stopped a person from cutting a merchandise line. ("FANDOM Con")
  • Trained Bigs to become muscular and ChibiTime to become a pro wrestler. ("El Diablo")
  • Made peace with Johnny Badsberg and helped him escape from prison. ("Lawson: Wikia's Most Wanted")



  • The Sly Guy (Security Guard)
  • FANDOM Police Department (Police Officer)
  • Maximum Fitness Gym (Coach)


  • Camp Downfall (Camp Counselor)
  • Fanpalooza (Security Guard)
  • Sly Guy Movie Lot (Actor)

Criminal Record (Non-canon)

Despite being an police office/chief of the FANDOM Police, Officer Lawson has committed various crimes over the course of the series. Officer Lawson has only been arrested once in "Lawson: Wikia's Most Wanted". However, he was framed for false crimes and was innocent in the episode so this doesn't count.

  • Animal Abuse: Officer Lawson painted a bunch of monkeys and put wings on them against their will in “A Sly Guy NEXT Production”.
  • Arson (Falsely Accused): Officer Lawson was accused of blowing up Sunnight Road at Discord in "Lawson: Wikia's Most Wanted". However, he was falsely accused so this doesn't count.
  • Assault: Officer Lawson got into a fight with Spot and Crowley in "Camp Downfall". It doesn't really count as it isn't a crime. However, Officer Lawson attacked and pushed Devan away from the studio in "GameTime's Day Off". Officer Lawson threw sand and rocks at Lasso Luther in "Lawson: Wikia's Most Wanted".
  • Attempted Murder: He tried to kill GameTime in "Vexxtronian". However, he was under Vexx's control so this doesn't really count.
  • Escaping from Jail: Officer Lawson is shown running away from a prison along with Johnny Badsberg in "Lawson: Wikia's Most Wanted".
  • Framing: Officer Lawson framed Johnny Badsberg for crashing into a street pole in a flashback in "Cop Academy". This was before Lawson became a cop.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Officer Lawson stole and crashed a motorbike in "El Diablo".
  • Murder: Officer Lawson killed a zombie using a baton “GameTime of the Dead” in “The Miserable Clip Show Episode”.
  • Speeding: Officer Lawson drove above the speed limit to get to a recycling factory in "Photo Cop".
  • Theft: Officer Lawson stole a sword and shield from a exhibition in the Internet Museum of History in "A Sly Guy NEXT Production". Officer Lawson was accused of stealing a car at the ZoomCar Rental Center and stealing toxic waste in "Lawson: Wikia's Most Wanted". However, he was falsely accused so this doesn't count.
  • Vandalism (Falsely Accused): Officer Lawson was accused of vandalising Badgers' house in "Lawson: Wikia's Most Wanted". However, he was falsely accused so this doesn't count.



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