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Ninjago is a Japanese anime tv show made by LEGO, Anime, and LMMCU (Japan). It aired on January 6th, 2027 in Japan but later was aired worldwide English dubbed.


Years later in New Ninjago City, a team of ninjas defends their world from villains.


  • PeaceableKingdom as Lloyd, the Green Ninja, and leader of the Ninja.
  • The-Cipher-King-2002 as Kai, the Ninja of Fire.
  • Trigger Happy the Gremlin as Cole, the Ninja of Earth.
  • PixelFox666 as Jay, the Ninja of Lightning.
  • Skylanderlord3 as Zane, the Ninja of Ice.
  •  ??? as Nya, the Ninja of Water.
  • MilesRS777 as Sensei Wu/Sensei Garmadon, the sensei of the Ninja/the other sensei of the Ninja with a curse that can sometimes turn him into the Overlord

Parents Guide

Sex and Nudity

  • Some women's front boobs are seen but a lot of it is covered
  • Mild flirting

Violence and Gore

  • A bit of blood is sometimes shown
  • Kai has the power of fire, which gives him the ability to burn people. Same with Jay's lightning
  • Mild violence


  • Instead of "F*** you", characters give the finger
  • Hell, damn, god, etc.
  • Mild swears (stupid, dumb, idiot, loser, etc.)


  • None

Frightening/Intense Scenes

  • Garmadon turning into the Overlord may seem frightening
  • Some sad scenes may leave some young viewers sad.


  • TV-14 (some episodes TV-MA)
  • PG-13
  • T
  • PEGI 16


  • The series might have a videogame 3DS exclusive.
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