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Mr. Scienceton is a minor character in the Amazing Life Of Vesp And GameTime.


Mr. Scienceton is a teacher that works at Vesp (TALOVAG/TAOV) and GameTime(TALOVAG)'s school. He is married to Lia Scienceton and Mr. Scienceton loves to teach about science. His favorite hobby is to build robots in his spare time. Mr. Scienceton is good friends with the school's principal, Principal Morton (TALOVAG). Mr. Scienceton hates The Cipher King (TALOVAG) because Cipher said that his class sucked and he ripped off his clothes. Mr. Scienceton was formely killed by Bucky (TALOVAG) by a bomb implanted in the school. GameTime fixed his timelines and saved Mr. Scienceton from the explosion and got himself back together with Lia. Mr. Scienceton was never a cool kid. In the 1950's he was a nerd and loved playing with toys. He still does it now. What a manchild.


  • In Episode 20, it was revealed that Scienceton was a superhero known as Science Man.