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"So sad it had to come to this."

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Morphers: The Movie is a movie that was going to come out in 2017, and would have been centered around the Adult Swim television series Morphers.


  • The movie is often considered the saddest Morphers-related thing.
  • One of the main reasons for the PG-13 rating is Pheno saying "sh*t" multiple times.
    • There is also some marijuana smoking.
    • We also see a middle finger.

Parents Guide

Sex & Nudity

  • Lots of sexual jokes.
  • A character is called a douche, and misinterprets this as the literal meaning.
  • A character begs another not to steal his "18+ Gang Bang Film".
  • Bordellos are mentioned.
  • An orgy scene from a movie is briefly shown on a projection screen. We do not see most of the sexual acts, but we see the audience's shocked reactions.
  • Some twerking.
  • Florence is briefly seen nude from the top-up; other areas are censored.
  • A woman’s fallopian tubes are visible in an X-Ray of her body; the latter is brought up and there is a discussion about the size and shape of them.

Violence & Gore

  • About nine decapitations with black blood depicted.
  • Some characters are dismembered and impaled with a black liquid coming out of the wounds. All of the characters are cyborgs, which diminishes the impact of the violence.
  • The Norphers drop nuke-like explosives on the Morpher villages, destroying them.
  • Bahl Zooker forcibly turns Norphers to potato knishes, little black squash balls, little black worms, centipedes, and potato pancakes.
  • Bahl Zooker commits suicide by turning himself to a potato knish. Muscle Norpher eats it.
  • Frequent battles pitting Morphers against Norphers. Casualties occur on both sides.


  • At least ten uses of sh*t.


  • A characters falls asleep after consuming a date-rape drug.
  • Pheno smokes marijuana in one scene, although illicit drug use is discouraged by other characters.

Frightening/Intense Scenes

  • Nothing overtly scary, but some disturbing elements.
  • After some of Norphers fall in a Morphing chamber, they become the Norphgoth, a Shoggoth-like Norphers with a Norpher for a hand and multiple other mutations, which is guaranteed to disturb viewers.
  • Bahl Zooker‘s stretchy, uncanny movements may disturb.

Rated PG-13 for pervasive instances of mature humor, intense violence and mayhem, thematic elements, language, sexual content throughout, and brief drug content.

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