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Monster Labs: Smash Hit is a video game developed by The Sly Guy. It will release on January 18, 2019 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


Monster Labs: Smash Hit is set in the far future in a science fiction world where alien ruler Akogog plans to destroy the race by creating alien monster hybrids in Terpelava Genetic Research & Lab Center to destroy the human civilization for destroying their home planet. One monster, Ezan, decides after seeing Akogog's serval failed attempts in the past, sets off to do the task solo. On his journey, Ezan will find out the truth about human civilization and the recent happenings of monster mind control while deciding whenever to support the human race he is tasked to destroy or go against the alien empire.


In the game, players control Ezan, the main protagonist of the game. Ezan is a small monster who can freely walk throughout the interactive entire hub world of the game and destroy different environments such as cities, villages, islands, temples, deserts, mountains, underwater palaces, castles, caves, sky fortresses, outer space planets, and "other dimensions". Ezan can also destroy government defenses. Ezan will be given missions and tasks from other human and alien characters that will contribute to the main plot of the game. Players can create your own areas, levels, and obstacles with a complete level editor. Players can also share your own levels online and play other people's levels so you can destruct other player's cities and challenges. Players can play against other players online in a variety of different battle modes and challenges.


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Players can equip powers to the main character, Ezan, throughout the game. However, he can only have a few at a time. You can also mix and match powers.

  • Claw Retraction (Claws are longer and claw attack damage increases)
  • Durability (Defense increase)
  • Enhanced Breath (Roaring pushes back enemies and objects)
  • Fire Breath (Roaring inflicts burning)
  • Fire Generation (Attacks inflicts burning)
  • Fire Mimicry (Body attacks inflicts burning)
  • Freeze Vision (Laser ability attack freezes enemies and objects for a few seconds from time to time)
  • Heat Vision (Laser ability attack damage increases)
  • Hyper Awareness (Can sense enemy attacks and events at will)
  • Ice Mimicry (Body attacks freeze enemies and objects for a few seconds from time to time)
  • Ink Generation (Attacks inflict ink on enemies/Strong against water enemies)
  • Invisibility (Can turn invisible for a few seconds from time to time)
  • Leaping (Jump height increase)
  • Levitation (Can hover in the air at will)
  • Natural Weaponry (Body weapon damage increases)
  • Night Vision (Can see clearly in darkness at will)
  • Poison Generation (Attacks inflicts poison which damages enemies and objects over time)
  • Poison Immunity (Immune to all poison attacks, objects, buildings, and hazards)
  • Psychic Shield (Immune to all physic attacks)
  • Powder Generation (Attacks slows down enemies for a few seconds from time to time)
  • Regenerative Healing Factor (When badly damaged, heals slowly over time)
  • Sharp Tail (Tail attack damage increases)
  • Sonic Scream (Roaring does damage)
  • Speed (Running speed increases)
  • Stench Generation (Attacks inflict stench to enemies which repels them for a few seconds)
  • Strength (Attack damage increases)
  • Teleportation (Can warp to a nearby location)
  • Thermal Resistance (Can survive in extremely hot and cold temperatures at will)
  • Water Generation (Attacks inflicts water on enemies/Strong against fire enemies)
  • Web Generation (Attacks stun enemies which stops them for a few seconds from time to time)

Hub World

  • City
  • Desert
  • Island
  • Mountains
  • Peaks
  • Town












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