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"Why is a raven like a writing-desk?"
- Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter is a villain in LEGO Superheroes.


As an adolescent, Jervis Tetch was obsessed with the works of Lewis Carroll. However, this did not serve him well in the schoolyard, and he was rejected by his half-dozen of crushes for being a "midget". Ever since, he was driven insane and vowed to find a way to get people to accept him, below-average stature and all.

At one point, Jervis' mother was molested by infamous criminal Monster Mouse. Jervis' father was too drunk to save her, however, leaving Jervis to grab an ornamental sword from a nearby shelf and behead Monster Mouse, before holding the head up and claiming that he had killed the Jabberwocky.

Now a scientist obsessed with mind control, the Mad Hatter is a rival of Batman. His fanciful dress style is inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, but make no mistake, this lunatic is quite dangerous with a list of offenses that includes child abduction.

Mad Hatter is part of the Joker's gang, which also consists of Killer Moth, the Scarecrow, Harley Quinn, and the Red Triangle Circus Gangsters. Mad Hatter was sent to Ace Chemicals, the factory where Red Hood transformed into the Joker, to retrieve toxins for Joker. However, Mad Hatter goes insane and decides to use the chemicals to terrorize his old high school.

Using his hang glider, Mad Hatter flies to Gotham City High School and plans to drop the barrels of toxic waste onto the schoolyard. However, his glider loses momentum as it descends, before crash landing in the girls' locker room of Gotham City High School.

Upon waking up, the Hatter has unknowingly left the radioactive chemicals to transform into a group of six, slimy creatures (Iron Meitnerium, Captain Americium, Thorium, the Hassium, Bohrium Widow, and Hawk Einsteinium, respectively), known as the Toxic Avengers. The Hatter realizes that the monsters do his every bidding, and decides to use the Toxic Avengers to terrorize the school.

The Toxic Avengers attempt to destroy the school, with the Hatter going across the emptied hallways, still not knowing of the danger. Having a tea party with March Harriet in the library, he is soon caught by the Hassium. The Hatter is impaled with a syringe that the monster stole from the nurse's office. Removing it, the Hassium inserts his toxins into the needle, before stabbing it into one of the Mad Hatter's veins, causing him to cough out blood (some of which is mixed with radioactive waste) and die.


  • Double Jump (Propeller Hat)
  • Mind Control (Mind Control Band)
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