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This article is about the Lickerwick comic book series. For the character, visit Lickerwick.

Lickerwick is a comic book series created by RealGameTime and published by The Sly Guy about the character with the same name..


Lickerwick is about the character of the same name, a fire spirit created by a mysterious man called The Candlemaker for a unknown reason. The Lickerwick is a cheery naive character who loves to celebrate Christmas even through the streets of LMMCU City. But one Christmas, the whole town starts to feel gloomy and depressed with everyone losing their Christmas spirit. With Christmas losing its meaning, Lickerwick is up to the case to bring back the holiday! Joining him on his quest is Sparks, Lickerwick’s co-worker (Lickerwick works at a Christmas-themed toy store) who occasionally gets high and drunk, Blizzy (Lickerwick’s insane boss), and Kohlemister, A Krampus-like coal demon who is forced to work with Lickerwick and co. after punishing kids isn’t as fun anymore with the Christmas spirit gone. Of course, we can’t forget about Phil Swift which Lickerwick secretly admires because he believes that the Flex family of products are magical just like the commercials say it is and he thinks Swift is a person with magic powers. Together, they will come up with ridiculous plans and go on misadventures to convince everyone that there still is a true meaning in one of the most celebrated holidays in the world.



  • Lickerwick
  • Sparks
  • Blizzy
  • Kohlemister (Season 1)
  • Phil Swift
  • Jack Lost
  • Bearnard
  • Flare
  • Sir Garnutt
  • Max Missiletoe


  • The Candlemaker
  • Death Master
  • Nightmare
  • Misylum
  • Mrs. Claus


  • Detective Crumb
  • Santa Claus (Season 1)
  • King Phantom
  • Captain Botsman
  • Warlack



Volume 1

  • Comic #1 - A Chance of No Snow - Lickerwick gets ready to celebrate Christmas season but something is very wrong with Dank Meme City this year.
  • Comic #2 - The Curse of the Dämon People - Lickerwick, Blizzy, and Sparks team up when the toy store gets robbed.
  • Comic #3 - The Spokeman's Gift - Lickerwick goes to great lengths to meet celebrity Phil Swift.
  • Comic #4 - Blizzy Gets Scrooged - Blizzy gets visited by three ghosts after causing a ruckus at a Christmas party.
  • Comic #5 - Trapped in Toyland - Sparks tries to buy a present for a family friend.
  • Comic #6 - Jack Lost - Lickerwick finds a little kid with magical powers in the park.
  • Comic #7 - The Thin Gingerbread Man - A detective comes to the toy store to solve a murder mystery with the gang.
  • Comic #8 - Merry Swiftmas - Phil Swift gets some competition when a cleaning supplies store steals all of his business.
  • Comic #9 - The Reindeer Games - Kohlemister must compete in the annual Reindeer Games after destroying the reindeer village.
  • Comic #10 - Lickerwick's Home Alone - Lickerwick has to defend himself when a gang of robbers come to his house.
  • Comic #11 - Clausing a Problem - Santa Claus visits the gang for a important task.
  • Comic #12 - Deadly Silent Night - A great and powerful evil takes over Dank Meme City.

Volume 2

  • Comic #13 - Lickerwick Returns - 6 months after the events of "Deadly Silent Night", Lickerwick is out to get revenge on The Candlemaker with the help of both new and familiar faces.
  • Comic #14 - TBA
  • Comic #15 - TBA
  • Comic #16 - TBA
  • Comic #17 - TBA
  • Comic #18 - TBA
  • Comic #19 - TBA
  • Comic #20 - TBA
  • Comic #21 - TBA
  • Comic #22 - TBA
  • Comic #23 - TBA
  • Comic #24 - TBA


  • The comic book series was originally going to be a movie.
  • A series 2, 3, and 4 is confirmed to happen in the future as confirmed by a Sly Guy NEXT.
  • The series takes place in the same universe as The GameTime Movie.
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