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Left 4 Dead 2 Long! is the seventeenth episode of Press Start.

The Episode

Sky is at his house and calls Lizzie* Sky: Hello?

Lizzie: Hey 

Sky: Now that Dave is dead, we should go into some more games. 

Lizzie: Oh -eats a ice cream sandwich- Should we go into Left 4 Dead? 

Sky: Only if it's 2

Lizzie: Fine, 2 -presses Xbox One button and transports into L4D2-

Sky: This is going to be so co- *Gets attacked*

Lizzie: -throws an axe onto zombie's head- Y'know, I always wanted to be a character in The Walking Dead, now? I don't... 

Sky: I'm gona Grimes this sh- *Gets attacked*

Lizzie: Darn..

Dave: Hello my name is David E Venderwoman

Peace: I know we have bigger problems on our hands,but, I FINISHED MY NEW VIDEO GAME CONSOLE, *hears a whoosh*

Mysterious figure: *knocks peace out,then takes peace hostage*

Lizzie: You died.... And why is Peace gone 

GT: ....

Dave Venderwoman: Oh that's just my name i work for the Gamer League as a Field Agent i have been trapped in this world for what seems to be about 9 Years! 

Sky: OK then...

Lizzie: -aims a gun at Venderwoman- Get away..

Dave: Ahhhhhhhh

Lizzie: Gamer League shall surrender 

Sky: Lizzie, no!

Lizzie: Remember Project: PS2? Lady Overwatch, the leader of Gamer League is planning that

GameTime: Lady Overwatch?

Lizzie: nobody knows who she really is

(A tv in the game randomly turns on)

Mysterious figure: ATTENTION,lamer league,I am arwin von schnitzel, and I because I am both cruel and merciful, I shall give you 1 hour to decide to surrender the arcade diamond, or *points to peace, hos strapped to a chair* if you want your friend to be left 4 dead, see ya later,lamer league

Lizzie: We aren't Gamer League, you douche! -explodes TV-

Lizzie: -finds Peace- Okay, wimp. Let's go!

Arwin: NO! *pushes Lizzie and peace of a tower*

Peace: *grabs Lizzie,because for some reason, peace is flying*

GameTime: Holy pony eating macraoni, Peace are you flying?

Peace: I think so

Lizzie: Ah what the heck

Lizzie: -shoots Arwin-

Miles (Ghost): Hello

All of a sudden the spirit disappears and a familiar looking face kicks the door open


Lizzie: Miles ur back!

Sky: OH MY GOD, MILES! LET'S GO! *Kills some zombies*

Lizzie: How did ya come back?

Miles: -hacks into a zombie and makes him glitch- Mr. Game and Watch freed me from Lady Overwatch's Prison for Monsters from Hell

Sky: Wow.

Miles: JK.

Peace: let's be alive

Lizzie: ALIVE

Zombie hoard surrounds them* Sky: This is bad.....

Lizzie gets killed

Peace: well, at least the show has better ratings now *falls and gets impaled*

Sky: Miles......, our friends......

GameTime; Why do I exist?

Sky: To be a minor character.

Miles: Since when were we a show

GameTime shoots some heads.

Miles: -punches GT-

Sky throws a grenade* Sky: RUN! *Grenade explodes*

Miles: holy damn...

Sky: Ummmmmmmm...... miles...... THAT'S A TANK! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miles: Our friends....

Sky: Miles, there is no time!

Miles: fine

Sky and Miles leave* Miles: Well....... I guess we should go to sleep......

GameTime: I'm still here.

Sky: I'm going home, see you later!

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