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This Wiki is a place where anyone can post their own ideas for any custom projects they wish to create. It was founded by MilesRS677 on August 15, 2016,‎ and is currently lead by Trigger Happy the Gremlin and co-lead by Searingjet and Trailblazer101. We currently have 20 active users editing 1,744 articles and 3,284 files, and you can help add more to those numbers!
In case it isn't clear already, all content on this Wiki is fanon, and is not real (with the excetion of a few projects).
Feel free to ask one of the staff if you have any questions and make sure to follow the rules before editing.
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  • RealGameTime

    LMMCU Heroes


    • Luke Hopkins (Control)
    • Mark Smith (Damage)
    • Ryan Williams (Tank)
    • Veronica Jackson (Support)

    AnthonyM and the World of Sketch

    • AnthonyM (Control)

    Dapigin: The Series

    • BriinE (Damage)
    • Dapigin (Control)
    • Lord Vortech (Tank)
    • Reverse Knight (Damag…

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  • RealGameTime


    March 9, 2019 by RealGameTime

    Fanpalooza is the ultimate festival celebrating all things Sly Guy which will take place in California. Here's what's coming to the festival.

    Watch brand new episodes of Transform Animals Island and Sly Guy NEXT premiere at the convention along with …

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  • RealGameTime

    Another cash grab mobile game… How original.

    Tap your way through the world of Wikia! Team up with the Sly Guy NEXT crew -- GameTime, Fricksy Business, Abby, Officer Lawson, Violet, Professor Magnesium, Spot, ChibiTime, and Crowley -- the hilarious g…

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