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"So sad it had to come to this."

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LMMCU: The Show! is a show about the LMMCU Wiki.


  • Trigger Happy the Gremlin as TRIGGER. He used to be obsessed with LMMCU. He also mutually fecundates to this thing he made called Venture. He also likes LEGO and Mixels (and LEGO Mixels).
  • MilesRS677 as MILES. He created LMMCU (the world in the show). He is obsessed over Minecraft Story Mode. He also loves Press Start, too, and plays LEGO Dimensions.

Parents Guide

Sex & Nudity

  • Every gamer in the world is mentioned to be a virgin.
  • Fallopian tubes are depicted.
  • Boobies are mentioned by name, and are said to come from treasure chests.

Violence & Gore

  • Guns kill people. The guns they use include: proton packs, mind control devices, toy guns, dart guns, plasma guns, auto shotguns, pistols, missile launchers, organ guns, nuclear rifles, freeze guns, air rifles, growth guns, OBLs, rocket propelled grenades, DPSSes, knife guns, auto cannons, six shooters, clone guns, bartizans, lasers, shrink guns, air soft, coil guns, machine guns, battle rifles, potato guns, foam dart guns, boom sticks, bolt guns, gyro jets, hand bombards, harpoons, rail guns, Gatling guns, rubber band guns, sub machine guns, hunting rifles, cork guns, Greek fire, sleuth diplomacy, riot guns, blunderbusses, water guns, electric shock prods, flintlock pistols, long guns, paint guns, noob toobs, air guns, glue guns, rivet guns, flare guns, staple guns, and blow dart guns (every gun in the world).
  • Stationary weaponry kills people. Stationary weaponry includes nuclear recoilless rifles, volley guns, chain guns, turrets, circus cannon, stern chasers, catapults, harpoons, railroad guns, and sentry guns.
  • Bombs explode and kill people. Explosives they use include nukes, EBGs, rockets, depth charges, TNT, naval mines, nitroglycerin, bouncing Betty, small rockets, frag grenades, bombs, noob tubes, torpedoes, ammo crates, time bombs, electromagnetic pulse grenades, exploding barrels, concussion grenades, block busters, stun grenades, and gas bombs.