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"Challenge the Barriers!"
- Official tagline

LEGO Multiverse is an upcoming 2023 LEGO action-adventure platform fighting racing cards collectibles video game created and directed by Trailblazer101 as a spiritual successor and follow-up to LEGO Dimensions (2015) and LEGO Dimensions: Mystify Mad Games (2020), and a part of The LEGO Dimensions Marathon Saga. It is a crossover between several different media franchises while excluding the Toys-to-Life aspect of the former game in favor of different elements, such as fighting, racing, and cards collectibles. The game includes media franchises from various LEGO themes and titles in addition to new and custom franchises that aren't generally plausible to be included in such a game, while the story centers on an original plot . It is set in a possible continuity connected to other LEGO video games, including LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (2013), LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (2014), LEGO Dimensions, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 (2017), and LEGO DC Super-Villains (2018).

The game is developed by Traveller's Tales, The LEGO Group, and Imagination Entertainment, and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It is scheduled to be released on the Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, BlazeBox, Blaze Oblong, Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Android on September 8th, 2023, coinciding with its' release on Inferno Scope.


Set six years after Lord Vortech's imprisonment,[1] the LEGO multiverse has fallen to pieces as the ten new Core Constructs that make up the foundations of the dimensions in the wake of their unstable connections have been scattered across the different regions, bringing with them a state of collapse as the worlds begin to shift around them. In this chaos emerges a dire force from a hack within the multiverse, Emperor Bricktor, who seeks to harness these Constructs to manipulate the dimensions into a singularity to cause a much greater end with an incursion. Although, with vile force comes challenge from the greater good, with three noble heroes being tasked by the multiverse's drifting re-purposed guardian ER-B to locate these Constructs, now stuck in the form of racing trophies, and bring them together before the process of the incursion is complete and a new universe begins.


The game will center on Emperor Bricktor becoming devout to restore the world that he ruled over after it was destroyed by an evil deity as a consequence from the damage caused by Lord Vortech, which cost him his wife and daughter in the destruction, with Bricktor searching the known LEGO multiverses for the many newly created Core Constructs, intending to use them to create a new world through the Broken Rift for him to rule over. The evil deity that destroyed Bricktor's world will emerge as the true main antagonist of the game and has been manipulating Bricktor and his unstable condition from the Broken Rift, poisoning and controlling him to collect the Core Constructs so he can use them to destroy all of the dimensions once Bricktor combines them into one by using the multiversal Determinant Engine, which is fueled by Broken Energy, to power his Bricktonian Core Spacecraft. Bricktor will be shown breaking down and having piercing headaches and split personalities to imply this deity's control over him during several levels, and the conditions worsen as the story progresses. Upon learning of Bricktor's plans, ER-B, the Guardian of the Multiverse who was re-purposed from scraps of Vorton, sets a new warrior along with a sage guide out on a quest to bring together several chosen heroes and villains from across the LEGO multiverse in a desperate attempt to save it from Bricktor's and the evil deity's conquest. ER-B was built by the new warrior and his guide to help locate the heroes and villains across the colliding dimensions, while the evil deity was previously an individual named Bob who found Vortech's remnants and it changed him into an increasingly unstable state of the multiverse's core and requires the hacked Bricktor to carry out his plot to contain the dimensions as one so he can reshape himself into a whole figment as one with the multiverse. Bob was initially set out by X-PO as the last hero to save the multiverse, but was corrupted by Vortech's remains, and has since been succeeded by the new warrior, who attempts not to follow in his path.

Game Features and Mechanics

  • Adventure Worlds with lots of locations to explore based on locations from each franchise represented in the game. Quests and Character Unlocks are featured in these worlds.
  • Various levels combining different elements of each franchise represented in the game, which feature fighting and racing elements as part of the story.
  • Customization Chambers in the Adventure World where the player can create custom playable characters, vehicles, and gadgets based on randomized parts and parts unlocked from playable characters, vehicles, and gadgets. The Custom Character that is created at the beginning of the game leads several heroes and villains to band together and save the LEGO multiverse, and the character can gain new abilities, weapons, upgrades, and vehicle improvements as the players progress further through the levels of the game.
  • Characters have a health bar that replaces the hearts and they diminish over time from damage. They also have a level-up tiering system alongside the health bars that increase from experience points gained during combat, which can be used for their upgrades.
  • Improved flying and web-slinging mechanics as to how they are in LEGO Dimensions: Mystify Mad Games (2020).
  • Fighting Stages in the Adventure Worlds that can be chosen to fight other characters and/or players in to obtain other characters, Gold Bricks, and a Dimensional Battle Trophy. Other rewards are planned.
  • Racing Tracks in the Adventure Worlds that can be chosen to race against other characters and/or players in to obtain other vehicles and gadgets, Gold Bricks, and a Dimensional Speed Trophy. Other rewards are planned.
  • Online multiplayer mode for players to work with and compete against each other in Fighting Stages and Racing Tracks tournaments. Cross-platform gaming among the game's available platforms is also available for the players, to play with others in the Adventure Worlds, Fighting Stages, Racing Tracks, and levels.
  • Various abilities that are used to solve different types of puzzles and progress the levels in the game.
  • Minikits that can be obtained in the levels of the game which provide the player with more studs. Once all of the specified amounts of Minikits are collected in the levels, they create a Minikit Construct, which can be displayed on Minikit Stands in the Adventure Worlds. These Minikit Constructs can be controlled on Minikit Stands to offer power-ups and more studs when near them in the Adventure Worlds.
  • Red Bricks that are unlockable in the levels of the game which provide power-ups and bonus features to the player upon purchase and use of them.
  • Gold Bricks that are unlockable in the Adventure Worlds, Fighting Stages, and Racing Tracks of the game which provide the player more currency to use for item purchases and transactions.
  • Dimensional Trophy types that are unlockable in the Fighting Stages (with the Dimensional Battle Trophies) and Racing Tracks (with the Dimensional Speed Trophies) of the game which allow the player different upgrades available for their characters when in combat and vehicles and gadgets when in races, and can also unlock several new Fighting Stages and Racing Tracks levels centered on various franchises represented in the game, with each Dimensional Trophy type offering different versions of these benefits.
  • Rift Engines that are unlockable in the Racing Tracks and racing portions of the levels of the game which allow the player to equip different types of abilities and upgrades to their vehicles.
  • Online Character and Object Cards available in the game for every playable, custom, and side characters, vehicles, and gadgets, which showcase information and in-game details (such as abilities) about the characters, vehicles, and gadgets. The cards can be printed out by Imagination Entertainment and shipped to the player to use for real-world fighting and racing card game tournaments. These cards can also be used in the game by using the cards' activation codes on them to provide additional power-ups to the respective characters, vehicles, and gadgets that the card is for or for other chosen ones.
    • Riftrock Rumble card game tournaments in the levels and Adventure Worlds that the player can compete in using the cards that they've collected in the game to gain certain rewards, additional cards, to bypass puzzles, to unlock more locations, or to further progress the game.


This game includes all of the franchises from the predecessors LEGO Dimensions (2015) and LEGO Dimensions: Mystify Mad Games (2020), with an additional 100 franchises (including LEGO Dimensions itself) and a bonus one, some of which were backward integrated into the prior game, for a total of 240 (or 241 with the bonus) franchises.

  1. 4Corners
  2. 11.22.63
  3. 2001: A Space Odyssey
  4. The A-Team
  5. Ace Attorney
  6. The Addams Family
  7. Adventurers
  8. The Adventures of Lord Darkvolt
  9. The Adventures of Tintin
  10. Adventure Time
  11. Airwolf
  12. Alien
  13. Alita: Battle Angel
  14. Amalgam Comics
  15. The Amazing Spider-Man
  16. Angry Birds
  17. The Angry Birds Movie
  18. Animorphs
  19. Attack on Titan
  20. Avatar
  21. Back to the Future
  22. Batman (1966)
  23. Batman (1989)
  24. The Beatles Yellow Submarine
  25. Bee Movie
  26. Beetlejuice
  27. Be More Chill
  28. Ben 10
  29. The Big Bang Theory
  30. Bill & Ted
  31. Bloodshot
  32. The Book of Life
  33. Bumblebee
  34. Camp Half-Blood Chronicles
  35. Captain Underpants
  36. Castle Rock
  37. Castlevania
  38. Cloud Man
  39. Crash Bandicoot
  40. Crisis on Infinite Earths
  41. The Croods
  42. Cyberpunk 2077
  43. Danny Phantom
  44. The Dark Knight Trilogy
  45. DC Comics
  46. DC Extended Universe
  47. DC Super Hero Girls
  48. Death Note
  49. Deltarune
  50. Despicable Me
  51. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  52. Digimon
  53. Dimension 404
  54. Disney
  55. Doctor Blase
  56. Doctor Who
  57. Dog Man
  58. Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
  59. Dragon Ball
  60. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
  61. Eastrail 177 Trilogy
  62. Fantastic Beasts
  63. Fantastic Four
  64. The Fast and the Furious
  65. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  66. Five Nights at Freddy's
  67. Forza Horizon 4
  68. Full Tilt
  69. The GameTime Movie
  70. Ghostbusters
  71. Ghostbusters: Afterlife
  72. Ghostbusters: Answer the Call
  73. Good Morning, Vietnam
  74. The Goonies
  75. Goosebumps
  76. Gravity Falls
  77. The Greatest Showman
  78. Gremlins
  79. Groundhog Day
  80. Half-Life
  81. Halo
  82. Harry Potter
  83. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
  84. Hazbin Hotel
  85. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
  86. Heathers
  87. Helstrom
  88. Hidden Side
  89. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  90. The Hobbit
  91. Home Alone
  92. Hotel Transylvania
  93. How to Train Your Dragon
  94. The Incredibles
  95. Indiana Jones
  96. Injustice
  97. Jaws
  98. John Wick
  99. Joker
  100. The Joy of Painting
  101. Jumanji
  102. Jurassic World
  103. The Karate Kid
  104. Kick-Ass
  105. Kingsman
  106. Knight Rider
  107. Knives Out
  108. Labyrinth
  109. The Last of Us
  110. LazyTown
  111. The Legend of Zelda
  112. Legends of Chima
  113. The LEGO Batman Movie
  114. The LEGO Blazer Movie
  115. LEGO City Undercover
  116. LEGO Dimensions
  117. The LEGO Dimensions Marathon Saga (bonus franchise)
  118. LEGO Island
  119. The LEGO Movie
  120. The LEGO Ninjago Movie
  121. LEGO The Adventures of Clutch Powers
  122. Lickerwick
  123. Looney Tunes
  124. Loot: How to Steal a Fortune
  125. The Lord of the Rings
  126. Lucifer
  127. Marvel's Agent Carter
  128. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  129. Marvel's Cloak & Dagger
  130. Marvel's Runaways
  131. Marvel's Spider-Man
  132. Marvel's The Defenders
  133. Marvel Cinematic Universe
  134. Marvel Comics
  135. The Mask
  136. The Matrix
  137. Max Steel
  138. Mega Man
  139. Men in Black
  140. Men in Black: International
  141. Metal Gear Solid
  142. Midway Arcade
  143. Minecraft
  144. Minecraft: Story Mode
  145. Minecraft Dungeons
  146. Mission: Impossible
  147. Monster Fighters
  148. Monsters, Inc.
  149. MonsterVerse
  150. Mooreview 667 Continuity
  151. Morphers
  152. Mortal Engines
  153. Mortal Kombat
  154. Murder on the Orient Express
  155. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  156. Naruto
  157. Nexo Knights
  158. Night at the Museum
  159. Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
  160. Nintendo
  161. Once Upon A Time
  162. Once Upon A Time in Wonderland
  163. Overwatch
  164. Oz the Great and Powerful
  165. Pac-Man
  166. Persona 5
  167. Pirates of the Caribbean
  168. Pokémon
  169. Pokémon Detective Pikachu
  170. Portal
  171. The Powerpuff Girls
  172. Power Rangers
  173. Press Start: Coin Quest
  174. Ratchet & Clank
  175. Ready Player One
  176. Realms of Onlovile
  177. The Red Blood Chronicles
  178. Red Defender
  179. Rise of the Guardians
  180. Riverdale
  181. Rock Band
  182. Salad Fingers
  183. Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy
  184. Scooby-Doo!
  185. Scribblenauts
  186. A Series of Unfortunate Events
  187. Sherlock
  188. Sherlock Holmes
  189. Shogun
  190. Shogun: The Sho
  191. Shrek
  192. The Simpsons
  193. Sketchian Multiverse
  194. Skylanders
  195. Smallville
  196. Sonic the Hedgehog
  197. Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters
  198. Spaceballs
  199. Spawn
  200. Speed Champions
  201. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
  202. SpongeBob SquarePants
  203. Spy Kids
  204. Star Trek
  205. Star Wars
  206. Steampunk Universe
  207. Steven Universe
  208. Stranger Things
  209. Strife Rally
  210. Subway Surfers
  211. Supernatural
  212. Sword Art Online
  213. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  214. Teen Titans
  215. Teen Titans Go!
  216. The Terminator
  217. Terraria
  218. Tetris
  219. Thunderbirds Are Go
  220. Toy Story
  221. Transformers
  222. Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal
  223. Tron: Legacy
  224. The Truman Show
  225. The Twilight Zone
  226. Ultra Agents
  227. Uncharted
  228. Undertale
  229. Unikitty!
  230. Valiant Comics
  231. Venture
  232. Voltron: Legendary Defender
  233. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  234. Wizard101
  235. The Wizard of Oz
  236. Wreck-It Ralph
  237. X-Men
  238. Xenoblade Chronicles
  239. Young Justice



The three main characters will be the protagonists of the film LEGO Dimensions: Crack in the Multiverse (2021), Max, Merlock, and Samirah, as they are aided by old and new allies from across the LEGO multiverse, particularly a custom character warrior and a wiser Twelfth Doctor, with the game serving as a follow-up to that film and LEGO Dimensions (2015) while bringing in the main character's origins. All of the characters from the prior games LEGO Dimensions and LEGO Dimensions: Mystify Mad Games (2020) will be playable in this game and unlocked over time, with the toy tags of the LEGO Minifigures from LEGO Dimensions able to be used as power-ups that can be applied to other characters in this game from those that have their bases through scanning them into the game using the Toy Pad from LEGO Dimensions.

To be added

Character Upgrades

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To be added

Vehicle Upgrades

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To be added

Gadget Upgrades


Story Mode Levels

To be added


Hub Worlds

To be added

Adventure Worlds

To be added

Customization Chambers

To be added

Fighting Stages

To be added

Racing Tracks

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To be added


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To be added

Health Bars

To be added

Showcase Themes

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To be added

Minikit Stands

To be added

Red Bricks

To be added

Gold Bricks

To be added

Dimensional Trophies

The Dimensional Trophy types correspond to both the Battle and Speed Trophies.

  • Electricity (Lightning bolts strike down on your opponents)
  • Sonar (Shakes the plates of the stages and tracks with earthquakes, causing other natural disasters)
  • Gold (Sends out treasure chests across the plates to collect which offer varied tools and benefits)
  • Cursed (Summons cursed red LEGO objects and undead enemies to block your path)
  • Atlantic (Floods the stages and tracks with water, underwater architectures, and hazards)
  • Technology (Sends drones to strike down players from the sky and ground)
  • Construction (Backups construct various obstacles for your opponents while repairing your vehicle or tools)
  • Mystic (Moves the plates apart from one another floating in the sky)
  • Time (Slows down or speeds up your opponents in a randomized fashion)
  • Broken (Attacks your opponents and shatters the stages and tracks within the Broken Rift)

Rift Engines

To be added


Character Cards

To be added

Vehicle Cards

To be added

Gadget Cards

To be added


  1. It also takes place nearly three years after the events of LEGO Dimensions: Mystify Mad Games (2020) and two years after LEGO Dimensions: Crack in the Multiverse (2021).


  • The video game has a total of 240 franchises, with each one featuring a Red Brick. There is also a total of 70 levels in the game, 45 of which will be based on the campaign, while 25 of them will be extra levels unlocked similarly to how one unlocks an extra level in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (2013). Multiple amounts of franchises are featured in the different levels in the campaign and extras. There is an additional bonus franchise, The LEGO Dimensions Marathon Saga, included as well, which concludes the storyline that this game is a part of.
    • This is the second LEGO video game in the reality where it exists to have an anime, a web series, Broadway musical, or fanon projects as a franchise. The first to do so is its predecessor, LEGO Dimensions: Mystify Mad Games (2020), which includes several of the franchises from this one in it.
  • The video game was originally created by Trailblazer101 on June 7th, 2017, as an intended spiritual successor to LEGO Dimensions (2015) under his production company Imagination Studios (now Trail Blazer Studios), and continued under the same direction until October 27th, 2017, when Trail began condensing the franchise roster, which continued until February 4th, 2018, before it was transferred to its gaming subsidiary Nostalgic Games (now Fraction Interactive) upon its formation on February 20th, 2018, for further development. Trail had initially canceled the game by May 13th, 2018, so he could dedicate more time in working on his custom Year 3 and Year 4 for LEGO Dimensions. Two days later on May 15th, 2018, Trail canceled his television series The LEGO Dimensions Show to avoid competition with The LEGO Dimensions Movie at that time. However, on September 24th, 2019, Trail ultimately chose to revive the project after writing the origin for the main antagonist of the game, Emperor Bricktor, as part of the story for the collaborative project LEGO Megaverse, while new game elements such as the fighting, racing, and cards collectibles ones were picked for the game after Trail chose to abandon the Toys-to-Life aspect and all of the prior franchises and plot elements in favor of starting from scratch, and designed a new logo as well. Shortly after that, however, Trail chose to take Bricktor out of LEGO Megaverse in favor of re-using and expanding upon the origin that he had written for the character for LEGO Multiverse instead, preferring to work on this game rather than the collaborative one then to pursue his vision for the story. After Trail continued independent work on the non-Toys-to-Life sequel to LEGO Dimensions, LEGO Dimensions: Mystify Mad Games (2020), on July 30th, 2020, he began exploring connections between that games' storyline, set three years after the first game, with the storyline for this game (coincidentally releasing nearly 3 years after Mystify Mad Games) and the film LEGO Dimensions: Crack in the Multiverse (2021) that it continues from, while Trail also re-joined work on LEGO Megaverse to help with a new plot for it that remains standalone. Trail subsequentially established the games and film to connect with other LEGO video games, including LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (2013), LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (2014), LEGO Dimensions, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 (2017), and LEGO DC Super-Villains (2018), and the film LEGO DC Super-Villains: Legion of the Monitor (2021). These connections prompted Trail to transfer LEGO Dimensions: Mystify Mad Games and LEGO Multiverse from long-time developer Fraction Interactive to Imagination Entertainment to be alongside the films for their shared franchise The LEGO Dimensions Marathon Saga.
  • The character ER-B is named after the initialism for the Einstein–Rosen bridge (ERB), while it is also similar to that of X-PO from LEGO Dimensions (2015), which is where he takes up his role in the story from. Additionally, the Determinant Engine is named after the Jacobian matrix and determinant, which was used to solve the equations for the Einstein–Rosen bridges, while the Broken Rift originated from a LEGO Broken Rift video game idea that Trail had been working on in 2016 as a game similar to LEGO Dimensions but without the Toys-to-Life aspects, although the game wasn't pursued online. Emperor Bricktor, who was briefly called "Emperor Brickton", also originated from LEGO Broken Rift, which was Trail's main source of inspiration for the contents of this game, thus making LEGO Multiverse a spiritual successor to the undeveloped game.
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