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Kurt Zurkenz is the main protagonist in the video game Bounty 9000.


Kurt has quite long, scraggly hair going over his eyes and all the way down to his back. He has green, catlike eyes and dark purple antennas, which are his Viskian traits. He wears a black vest with a sand-colored shirt. He also wears dark blue jeans with black boots.


Kurt is a very cold and broody man who dislikes social interaction. He only kills when it's absolutely necessary and is not fond of massacres, setting him apart from other outlaws. While he comes off as level-headed, he is not very intelligent and puts brute force over thinking, allowing him to be tricked most of the time. He is very reckless when it comes to crime and normally goes for the louder option. Depending on the player's actions, Kurt can be a very cruel and pitiless man who only looks out for himself. However, he can also be a kindhearted, understanding individual who is always happy to help people.



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