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"It is I, King Phantom, Conquer of websites, Enslaver of users, and your worst nightmare."
- King Phantom’s catchphrase

King Phantom usually referred to as just The King or KP, is the "supposed" main antagonist of The GameTime Movie .


The GameTime Movie

King Phantom and his species was accidentally created for a new test feature Fandom Labs had been working on. After being neglected by users and being hated on by the internet community, they were banished to the Wiki Underworld, a place where users and projects can be deleted and forgotten about. King Phantom realized that they were going to be used as slaves after finding out the secret plans of the Community Central staff and his parents and friends were deleted by the wiki staff. King Phantom became king of the realm after he discovered his features and powers he was born with so he can lead his new-found army and partners to destroy Fandom and even the whole webiverse.

Universe 0318 (Non-canon)

In Universe 0318 of the GameTime-Verse, GameTime is killed when King Phantom possesses his body when enslaving Wikia, turning him into Phantom King GameTime but after saving the Phantom Underworld from The Hacker, King Phantom decides to become a hero instead.


As a main character

As a side character


  • King Phantom is villainous and sinful.
  • King Phantom likes to trick others into joining his Underworld army and making deals with them.
  • King Phantom gets extremely violent when angry.
  • King Phantom can be unpredictable when making a deal.


  • King Phantom can shoot lasers out of his eyeball.
  • King Phantom can mind control people with his staff.
  • King Phantom can fly.
  • King Phantom can grab faraway objects with his tentacles.
  • King Phantom can shoot dark magic bolts.
  • King Phantom can teleport.

Physical Appearance

King Phantom is a black circular creature with one eyeball which it’s pupil is in the same of a diamond. He wears a dark red cape and a golden crown. He has wings and tentacles, which both are green with black outer rims. King Phantom’s black claws and legs are connected to his body.



Criminal Record (Non-canon)

  • Assault: King Phantom threw a piece of debris at GameTime in "GameTime's Day Off". King Phantom fought GameTime in "Charm Chat".
  • Attempted Murder: King Phantom attempted to murder GameTime for his actions against the Phantom Underworld Ruler rulebook in "Charm Chat".
  • Mass Murder: King Phantom and GameTime's actions unintentionally led to the mass killing of digital Charm Chat citizens in "Charm Chat".
  • Slavery: King Phantom is one of the rulers of the Phantom Underworld and controls citizens to do his biding.
  • Threatening: King Phantom threatened to murder GameTime for his actions against the Phantom Underworld Ruler rulebook in "Charm Chat".




Captain Botsman

Grimswald Anarchid


Lucy Lucifer

Rocksan Thorns


The Hacker


  • This character is arguably (excluding GameTime) the most famous character of The GameTime Movie appearing in many different projects and drawings.
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