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Isle of Darkness is a video game by Sky Studios.


In a large isle filled with warriors and adventurers, Jacob Ashtonic is just a normal farm-boy. When one day a darkness overcomes the isle of Maji, then dubbed by King Cyrus II, "The One", Jacob must save the isle of Maji from this mysterious force.



  • Wooden Sword (First Story Sword, 3 attack damage.)
  • The Thief (Second Story Sword, 5 attack damage.)
  • Who We Are (Third Story Sword, 13 attack damage.)
  • Stalker (Fourth Story Sword, 21 attack damage.)
  • Witherbrand (Fifth Story Sword, 30 attack damage.)
  • Celeste (Sixth Story Sword, 24 attack damage, +5 mana.)
  • Wolf (Seventh Story Sword, 59 attack damge, +1 mana.)
  • Last Rites ( Eighth Story Sword, 70 attack damage.)
  • God's Smite (Ninth and final story sword, 100 attack damage +10 mana. AL swords from here on are unlocked through free-roaming the world and completing side-quests.)
  • Betrayal (Complete the side quest "Rabbit King Stew", 40 damage.)

Bows and Crossbows

  • Windforce (First and only story bow, 20 damage.)
  • Iron Warbow (Complete the side-quest "Wild Warthog Chase", 20 damage.)


Bog Cay Island

  • "Rabbit King Stew" given by King Cyrus II (Reward = the Betrayal sword, 100 souls in a bottle.)
  • "Wild Warthog Chase" given by Keltoris the Elven Guardian (Rewards = Iron Warbow, 100 souls in a bottle.)
  • "Deadliest Batch" given by Sigri the half-orc (Reward = Poisoned Muffin, 50 souls in a bottle.)

Gnob Cay

Wohst Cay

Vrolst Cay

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