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Into the Ravenverse is a American fantasy animated adventure show created by RealGameTime.


Into the Ravenverse takes place in the medieval kingdom of Abagarth. Raven, a 15 year old elf girl who attends the Bronzeguild Academy For Heroic Heroes wants to be a brave warrior someday. Raven is having a good time making new friends with her fellow classmates and piers, but after a new evil takes their magic amulet, the Bracelet of Light, dark forces start to roam the kingdom causing mayhem and terror throughout it's citizens. Raven decides to go to revive the artifact back to the kingdom with her friends from Abagarth while also going on missions to keep humanity safe. Her student friends are Jay, a knight who punches hard but cries harder and raised by a married couple and is also on his own quest to finding his missing parents taken by the dark forces, Buck, a talking deer who is the only mage of the academy due to mages being a unpopular class, Scar, a ninja who helps Raven become a warrior and has a mysterious backstory or likes to pretend he does so, Sarah, a tinker and healer who is very intelligent and knows Abagarth's locations in every way and Brady, a dragonslayer who likes to joke around and force others to do things for his own benefits, mostly Jay. Together, they will go on epic adventures to protect the kingdom from orcs, sprites, trolls, dwarfs, gnomes, harpies, angels, imps, ogres, and the shadows of the unknown.



  • Raven - A warrior who also has a passion of writing fables and secretly wants to become a writer along with being a hero of Abagarth. She has a giant Raven pet, Phoebe, which she rides in order to travel to places in the realm of Abragarth. She is very talented and likes to hang out with her new friends and go on misadventures to stop crimes and protect the kingdom on missions. She is a student at Bronzemight guild.
  • Jay - A student at Abragarth who is a paladin. He on a quest to find his missing parents that were taken from the Havoc Guards.
  • Buck - A talking deer who is the wizard of the Abragarth Empire. He doesn't know how to harness his powers just yet but he will sometime. He is also very feisty and competitive.
  • Scar - One of Raven and Jay friends who is a ninja who has the power to harness the earth. He is Raven's personal trainer. He has a mysterious backstory or likes to pretend to do so. Or maybe he's hiding something that the others don't know.
  • Sarah - One of Raven's friends who is a healer. She is very intelligent and is a major geek in everything about Abragarth. She doesn't know who her parents are and she is taken care of by a mysterious evil force even though she is pretty good. She is very depressed secretly about herself.
  • Brady - One of Jay's friends who is a dragon slayer. likes to joke around and bully people secretly. He blackmails Jay to do stuff for him and is a bad influence on him. He is also the captain of the Abagarth folk football team and Stormbrand guild.
  • Forrest - The leader of the Ravengers, a bandit group and professional crime lord that likes to steal from another towns all across Abragarth. He is a very mischievous old man who knows how to play dirty in fights.
  • Pharamond - The guardian of Havoc Guards, a evil faction of Ethor, a kingdom set in the same medivial world, that wants to wants to destroy Abragarth and build a evil empire lead by their master.


  • Siren - A evil sorceress who wants revenge on Raven for ruining her chances of becoming a head apprentice.
  • Gabriel - A brutal inventor who makes weapons and important materials for Raven and her crew on their adventures.
  • Todd - A psychopathic trickster criminal who is forced to go good in order to get years off his sentence. He only becomes helpful to other people when he wants to. He also is mischievous and likes to cause havoc.
  • Crush - A demon who likes to enter people's nightmares and is the brother of Lurker.
  • Lurker - A demon who likes to enter people's nightmares and is the brother of Crush.
  • Raymundus - A hunter and teacher at Bronzemight Academy who helps Raven and her crew in many different situations. He is very talkative and bothers the heck out of them.
  • Tarondor - The runner of The Scimitar Stadium which Raven and her crew enters. He is actually evil and wants to imprison them in the coliseum for cheating and now is a washed up star.
  • Tempter - A elf who is a rival to Raven and her crew who wants to earn the grand prize in the Warpath Festival in order to kick King Reynard off his throne and rule all of the Nydaogord section of Abagarth.
  • Phoebe - A talking giant raven Raven created who helps her travel across Abragarth. She is very smart and can snap when someone makes a dumb move. She protects Raven like a daughter and can sometimes be overprotective against her.
  • Alice - The princess of the Nyaogord Kingdom. She rules over the whole lands including ogres, imps, trolls, walruses, harpies, human fools, wizards, elderly jerks and sprites.
  • Zengu - A royal knight of the Nydargord Kingdom who lacks his job and later joins the dark side in order to become something greater. But for right now, he isn't that smart or talented but it all changes.
  • Elizabeth - A young girl who idolizes Raven. She tries to be brave in order to become a hero someday.
  • Ferris - A old man who hates Raven and her crew for disturbing his life and gets very mad at the slightest of things.


  • Welcome To Abagarth

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Into The Ravenverse


  • Most of this stuff is based on PixelFox666's ideas and the Galaverse.
  • Gala and the original Raven sock account will have a cameo appearance in 'Welcome To Abagarth".
  • More characters and details will be revealed soon...
  • The show got renewed for a second, third, and fourth season premiering later in the future.